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Planners come down hard on trial venue

In an open letter issued on Monday 27th September, 2021 to Croft Trials Club and local enthusiasts of the sport, Croft Club Chairman, Bob Pickersgill has made an appeal following action taken by a neighbour who lives near the AMCA affiliated Croft Club’s trials ground, who is obviously opposed to the sport of trials.

The implications could be far reaching if the requirement for planning permission to change the layout of sections is imposed country wide.

Pickersgill’s open letter urged members to take immediate action and read as follows:

“Dear Member and supporter of Croft Trials Club,

You may be aware that the Club has been on the receiving end of a number of complaints, primarily from our neighbour at Clervaux, Mrs Sarah-Jane Burns.

Since she moved in about 6 years ago, she has been haranguing members, telling us that we wouldn’t be riding there much longer, and making numerous vexatious complaints to Richmondshire Council, the Environment Agency, the Public Rights of Way Officer, the Parish Council, the Police, the Woodland Trust etc. She even attempted to take possession of the land and caused criminal damage in doing so, to which she admitted and settled out of court.

Because of this, the Club has now been required to formally apply for Planning Permission for the creation of four new sections and the maintenance of the existing sections. If not granted, the facility could be under threat. Any support would be much appreciated. Supporters have until Friday 15th October to email: or write to the Planning Manager at Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4JX.

Please see below suggested points, but submit in your own words.

Croft Trials Club has been established in its location at Dalton Woods for the past 40 years. At its inception it was granted a Certificate of Lawfulness from Richmond District Council. – It is an important facility for members of all ages from 4 to 70+. There are more than a dozen female riders and many family memberships. It is one of few locations in the north east to offer off-road practice for youngsters who might otherwise use unauthorized public grounds. All riders must display their photo ID cards on their bikes and are fully aware of the need to respect our neighbours, not ride their bikes outside the grounds or run them in the car park. The club is fully regulated and affiliated to the AMCA, and is one of hundreds of clubs in the UK. – Trials riding is a popular low-speed motorsport which requires dedication, balance and skill, and enables its participants to spend time outdoors with their families and meet other riders. – Indeed, Yorkshire has produced the 8-times World Champion, Dougie Lampkin. The world champion female rider, Emma Bristow, who started riding at the age of 4, has been champion since 2015. – The Club is seeking approval for four new sections, out of more than 100 existing sections in its 66 acres. It is the only club in Yorkshire (and probably the UK) to be required to apply for planning permission for the creation of new sections with natural rock, which blends perfectly with the naturally occurring rocky sections already existing in the grounds.

Many thanks for your support.

Bob Pickersgill – Croft Trials Club – “

Damper put on Overseas events

Following on from the UK departure from the European Union in January, the trials world woke up to the fact that transporting a trials machine to overseas events just took a leap forward in cost.

It was known that leaving the EU would bring new challenges, but few realised that it would bring higher costs as well. It is rapidly turning into a head-scratcher. It was universally known for some time pre-Brexit, that travelling overseas from the UK would require the obligatory ‘green card’ insurance document which can be obtained from the vehicle owners’ insurance company. There is also a requirement to purchase an International Driver’s licence from the Post Office to compliment the DVLA photocard driver’s licence scheme.

However, carrying additional vehicles inside a van or on a trialer, along with tools and equipment such as portable generators and spare parts poses new challenges for overseas competition plans.

This week the Auto-Cycle Union announced plans to try and smooth the process of taking competition machines over to European events.

Many argue that trials bikes are not ‘racing’ machines, but of course the word ‘racing’ is regularly used in place of the phrase ‘competition’ by the European countries. The terminology can cause concern amongst the trials fraternity and has done for many years. This has been increased over the years with trials motorcycle manufacturers utilising the word ‘Racing’ to promote higher performance or higher specification models for instance.

Given that trials machines can have a value of multiple thousands this could require a deposit of around £2,000 refundable after the machine has been repatriated to the UK after the event.

Most trials machines are no longer registered for road use, except for the Scottish Six Days and a handful of road based events which have been in decline since the 1990s.

Up until 2020, the process of loading up bikes in a big panel van and driving to Andorra or Costa Brava was very popular with British enthusiasts, but that has changed since January, not just because the Covid pandemic has closed borders and travel routes.

The realisation that expensive ‘carnets’ will be necessary and with border controls even more stringent, this means more expense and increased time spent at border crossings while paperwork is checked and perhaps machines are off loaded for inspection.

In short, a carnet is a customs permit allowing a motor vehicle, be that car or motorcycle, to be taken across a national border for a limited period of time.

Over the last month, the online social media chat rooms have seen increased traffic on this thorny subject with opinions traded like confetti.

In short the concessus appears to be that the cost while not totally prohibitive, may in fact limit the volume of riders prepared to shell out hard cash of several hundreds of pounds to allow them to ride abroad.

The ACU issued a statement on 10th January, the contents are reproduced below.

It will be interesting to see whether the costs really curtail British riders to compete on a more domestic level in future.

On 31 December 2020, the temporary transition arrangements in place between the EU and the UK expired, affecting the movement of motorsport vehicles and equipment to the EU. Following advice, The Auto-Cycle Union understands that an ATA Carnet will be required to temporarily move motorsport vehicles and equipment across to the border. An ATA Carnet is an international Customs document that operates like a passport for your goods.  It allows the temporary importation of goods into countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system (the EU and 40+ additional countries) and avoids you having to pay unnecessary taxes or duties. ATA Carnets cover all goods that are leaving the UK and returning within a 12-month period.  They do not cover disposable goods (oil, fluids) that will be used while out of the country or items that will not be returning to the UK. The ATA Carnet simplifies the customs procedure into a single document and makes the importation process much quicker and easier to handle.  To avoid unnecessary border delays and customs checks the carnet should be acquired in advance of travel. There are two parts to the carnet:

  • The processing/arrangement fee of the paperwork (VATable)
  • The premium (non-VATable) The Auto-Cycle Union has secured a special deal with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) for ACU members of a fixed price processing/arrangement fee of £240+VAT. This is discounted from the standard fee of £330+VAT that non-members of the GBCC would pay. Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce is appointed as part of a network of Chambers around the country to issue ATA Carnets. The second part of the fee is the Premium. This can either be a refundable deposit of 40% of the vehicle’s value or a non-refundable insurance premium to cover the 40% proportion of the premium.
  • Applying for ATA Carnets: Carnets are applied for through an electronic portal called ‘E-cert’ and processed and posted out next day delivery or made ready for same day collection. A walkthrough of the process and further information for Auto-Cycle Union members is available here Please do not call The ACU with any ATA Carnet enquiries, but Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Carnet Specialist, Jonathan Crosbie, can be contacted by Auto-Cycle Union members on 0121 274 3217. GBCC also offer an express ATA Carnet service for Auto-Cycle Union members for a £35+VAT premium (normally £75+VAT), and if all the information is available and correct an express Carnet can be turned around in as little as one hour (Monday-Friday 0800-1600). To access the Auto-Cycle Union ATA Carnet discount with Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, please reference your 2021 ACU Club Affiliation Code and the name in which it is registered when applying.

Source: Auto-Cycle Union

Manuel Soler Tribute

Due to the ongoing restrictions that limit sporting activities in Madrid, Spain due to Covid-19 pandemia, the Madrid based Federacion Madrilena de Motociclismo (FMM) has designed a new ‘local’ trials combined championship for modern and classic trials.

However, the go ahead ‘Moto Club Sotobike’ wanted to continue with some trials only for classic bikes with classic rules, as a result they will arrange for a new ‘Triangular’ trophy for classic trials.

The dates selected are 2 & 3 October, the Robregordo Classic and the 28th November for the ‘La Caleriza’.

This classic triangular series will also pay tribute to the memory of the club’s good friend and Robregordo competitor Manuel Soler, that passed away on 20th January.

ACU pull plug early on events

The Auto-Cycle Union have pulled all permits and thus cancelled all their events in England and Wales, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands are unaffected but can only be run with caution.

In a statement issued by their Trials and Enduro Department on social media page on Tuesday 5th January, 2021 they stated the following:

Coronavirus (Covid-19): PM Boris Johnson announces new national lockdown in England –

Boris Johnson has announced that England is to enter its third national lockdown, which means the government is instructing everyone to “stay at home”. The national lockdown is immediate, as of today 5th January and the Prime Minister also said in a televised address last night, the “weeks ahead will be the hardest yet”.

The announcement comes as government figures on 4th January revealed the UK has reached another record daily high of 58,784 new coronavirus cases, making it the seventh consecutive day in a row where there have been over 50,000 new Covid cases across Britain.

So, for motorcycle sport it is quite simple. Any planned ACU event in the next few weeks in England and Wales is now unfortunately cancelled.

SACU licence holders should follow the instructions issued by the Scottish Government and any information issued by the SACU. For those resident on the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, you can continue with ACU activity but follow any instructions issued by your independent administrations. Please adhere to and respect the UK Government advice and stay at home. Continue to support the NHS and follow the instructions issued by the Prime Minister.

There is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the two vaccines which are now being administered in a planned UK Government vaccine programme, the Pfizer vaccine announced a few weeks ago and the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine which was rolled out today (4th Jan), but for the time being it is very important we do our bit to support the NHS. Do not do anything which may put motorcycle sport in a bad light. Further updates on when ACU activity can re-commence will be issued following further updates from the UK Government.


New Ayrshire Club Donates

Report: Morton Sykes

The newly formed Ayrshire Trials Club promoted its very first trial on Sunday 8th November and, being Remembrance Sunday, it was agreed that all proceeds should go to a worthy cause in memory of those who gave their lives in global conflict.

It was decided to raise funds for the Erskine Hospital for Forces Veterans, a charity that was set up in 1939 to provide support to forces veterans in Scotland, through four care homes and a Veteran’s Village.

The Ayrshire club was formed in August this year and were immediately affiliated to the AMCA and negotiated the use of a cracking new piece of land in Ayrshire at Blackcraig Farm, New Cumnock.

Chairman, Barry Watson said: “I have been involved in trials in Scotland for a number of years now and when the opportunity came along to run an event on Remembrance Sunday, we all thought it best to donate to charity as a mark of respect. We held a minute’s silence at the start and of course complied with all the ongoing Covid regulations and stipulations to ensure a safe and friendly event for all abilities. There were seventy competitors at the trial, it would have been more but around thirty did not travel because on the pandemic restrictions, which is understandable. The fantastic sum of £1,160 was raised and this has now been donated to Erskine who were both delighted and supportive of our enterprise in such difficult times for all charities. We hope to make this an annual event going forward.”

2020 Montesada

2020 Montesada!

The 2020 Montesada is reinventing itself to become more universal than ever!

The organizers of this popular event, which celebrates its 20th edition this year, have announced an online activity that will include Montesa fans from all over the world

Participate to be part of Montesa’s 75th Anniversary!

The 2020 Montesada was planned as a very special event, not only because it’s celebrating its 20th edition, but because it also coincides with Montesa’s 75th anniversary.

Although the health situation has forced the Montesa Club and the Moto Club Tona to cancel the Montesada as we know it, the organizers didn’t want to miss out on this very special edition. Thus, in 2020, the event has been completely reformulated to become an online event, which will give it a more universal character, that will make it easier than ever for all Montesa fans to participate, wherever they live.

The way it will work is very simple. From now until November 20th, all fans of the brand will be able to share, in video or photo format, their most special moments with Montesa (whichever the model or reason) through social media using the hashtag #Montesada2020. Furthermore, to make participation even easier, the organization has also considered fans who are not so used to using social media, providing them with a WhatsApp number (633 645 638) to which they will be able to send photos and videos, which will later be published on Montesa’s social media with the hashtag: #Montesada2020.

Everyone participating in this initiative will automatically become an active part of Montesa’s 75th anniversary celebrations, as the brand will make a selection of photographic and audiovisual material to create a special video of the 2020 Montesada and a commemorative 75th anniversary collage, which in turn will become part of the brand’s history.

But the surprises and activities don’t end here. All the participants in this online Montesada will also have the chance of winning fantastic prizes, such as trial courses with the Repsol Honda Team and the world champion Toni Bou, copies of the re-edition of the exclusive book ‘Montesa, The Art Gallery’, vintage Hebo t-shirts, Hebo Montesa shoes, tickets for the exhibition “Montesa, 75 years of an unforgettable adventure”, and VIP passes for the premiere of Montesa’s new documentary.

If you are passionate about Montesa, don’t hesitate, participate for free in this very special Montesada 2020 and become part of the history of the brand!

Viva Montesa’ 



More information:

TMX News is back

On Thursday 5th November, after an absence of seven months, Trials & Motocross News (TMX) has made a very welcome return to the newsagents and doorsteps of thousand of trials, motocross and enduro enthusiasts across the country.

The popular weekly was delayed one day due to a distribution hitch, readers are delighted to see the paper return after weeks of speculation.

Readers overall prefer an actual ‘paper’ more-so than viewing at websites or online publications which just don’t seem to cut the ice.

A paper can be read with a nice cup of tea and be put down and picked up without logging on. Each to their own.

Obviously, the reports will be a little thin on the ground due to the Covid pandemic restrictions, but there is always something for the reporters and editor to write about.

So it’s a big ‘WELCOME BACK’ to the UK’s greatest coverage of off-road action, we MISSED YOU!

Enthusiasts get behind TMX News

STOP PRESS! – TMX is back on November 5th, 2020!

After some ‘loose talk’ on social media sites, trials enthusiasts in the UK have been voicing their support for a return of the popular weekly off-road motorcycling newspaper, Trials & Motocross News, or ‘TMX’ as it is known.

Founded in 1977 by Editor, Bill Lawless in the North-West of England, TMX was released to the public one week after the Scottish Six Days Trial had been run in May 1977. The paper just missed covering the event by six days and had remained a weekly publication up until April this year when the staff was furloughed by JPI Media, who owns the title, following the cessation of Johnston Press Group in 2018. Issue number one appeared on Friday 20th May 1977 at the cover price of £0.15!

Much speculation has been aired on social media, in some cases by individuals who have a vested interest in TMX’s demise.

No statement of cessation of TMX has been released to the press or confirmed on social media or the papers own website which means that such comments are unfounded and purely speculation.

North-West trials rider, Gary Bingley from Carlisle was vocal in his support for TMX on the social media ‘facebook’ and was careful to point out the support that the currently beleaguered paper had given to all branches of off-road motorcycle sport for five decades.

The paper’s demise is at present pure speculation and given that the UK Government’s furlough scheme is set to end later in October 2020, it will be interesting to see if TMX News is relaunched by it’s owners and confound the pundits.

Trials Guru website supports the cause of other established papers and websites who promote the sport of motorcycling. Never was the intention to compete with TMX ever in the plans of Trials Guru, which is a non-commercial website, dedicated to the sport.

We at Trials Guru are hopeful that TMX will be once again on the paper stands and available by subscription in the very near future.

Robregordo 2020 Goes ahead

The annual Two Day Robregordo trial takes place in Madrid County, Spain on 5/6 October this year, but with Covid-19 restrictions.

The trial is restricted to Spanish national and local riders only as the country fights the pandemic coronavirus.

Organised by the Sotobike club, the event usually attracts an international line up, but for the first time in the events history it has had to restrict the entry.

12 sections over two laps each day will be held.

Waltham Chase paves the way

Words: Trials Guru

Photo: Auto-Cycle Union

The ACU affiliated Waltham Chase Trials Club ran a successful, controlled Adult only Practice Trial at the weekend over two sessions at their Oakridge Copse venue near Salisbury.

Assisted by the Auto-Cycle Union and restricted to adult licence holders, the events were hailed a great success and paves the way forward for other organisations to follow suit.

Mindful of bad publicity surrounding any mass gathering, the club had used the ACU Risk Assessment guidelines and put in place many safety arrangements to ensure a smooth and controlled return to a form of trials that we have to become used to given that the Covid-19 pandemic may not be resolved this year and worse still if the predicted second wave forces a futher halt to the sport.

A full press release on the event by the ACU can be read > HERE <