Planners come down hard on trial venue

In an open letter issued on Monday 27th September, 2021 to Croft Trials Club and local enthusiasts of the sport, Croft Club Chairman, Bob Pickersgill has made an appeal following action taken by a neighbour who lives near the AMCA affiliated Croft Club’s trials ground, who is obviously opposed to the sport of trials.

The implications could be far reaching if the requirement for planning permission to change the layout of sections is imposed country wide.

Pickersgill’s open letter urged members to take immediate action and read as follows:

“Dear Member and supporter of Croft Trials Club,

You may be aware that the Club has been on the receiving end of a number of complaints, primarily from our neighbour at Clervaux, Mrs Sarah-Jane Burns.

Since she moved in about 6 years ago, she has been haranguing members, telling us that we wouldn’t be riding there much longer, and making numerous vexatious complaints to Richmondshire Council, the Environment Agency, the Public Rights of Way Officer, the Parish Council, the Police, the Woodland Trust etc. She even attempted to take possession of the land and caused criminal damage in doing so, to which she admitted and settled out of court.

Because of this, the Club has now been required to formally apply for Planning Permission for the creation of four new sections and the maintenance of the existing sections. If not granted, the facility could be under threat. Any support would be much appreciated. Supporters have until Friday 15th October to email: or write to the Planning Manager at Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4JX.

Please see below suggested points, but submit in your own words.

Croft Trials Club has been established in its location at Dalton Woods for the past 40 years. At its inception it was granted a Certificate of Lawfulness from Richmond District Council. – It is an important facility for members of all ages from 4 to 70+. There are more than a dozen female riders and many family memberships. It is one of few locations in the north east to offer off-road practice for youngsters who might otherwise use unauthorized public grounds. All riders must display their photo ID cards on their bikes and are fully aware of the need to respect our neighbours, not ride their bikes outside the grounds or run them in the car park. The club is fully regulated and affiliated to the AMCA, and is one of hundreds of clubs in the UK. – Trials riding is a popular low-speed motorsport which requires dedication, balance and skill, and enables its participants to spend time outdoors with their families and meet other riders. – Indeed, Yorkshire has produced the 8-times World Champion, Dougie Lampkin. The world champion female rider, Emma Bristow, who started riding at the age of 4, has been champion since 2015. – The Club is seeking approval for four new sections, out of more than 100 existing sections in its 66 acres. It is the only club in Yorkshire (and probably the UK) to be required to apply for planning permission for the creation of new sections with natural rock, which blends perfectly with the naturally occurring rocky sections already existing in the grounds.

Many thanks for your support.

Bob Pickersgill – Croft Trials Club – “

2 thoughts on “Planners come down hard on trial venue”

  1. I fully support the application.
    Having been involved in trials events and previously ridden, I now have a 15 yr old nephew compeating and his 2 sisters 11 &10 yrs starting to ride and wanting to compete when they are ready.
    We are always looking to find venues to use to practice.
    Yours will now be on the agenda.
    Keep fighting and don’t let a relatively newcomer into area spoil a great disciplined sport , you shouldn’t move into an area and try and change things that are already there.
    Keep fighting, good luck.

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