Scottish Six Days Talk: – Riding ‘Number 1’

D MacLean 2002
David MacLean (Inverness) – Beta in 2002 – Photo: CJB Photographic/Colin Bullock
1963 Allie Cameron Achintee
Local rider, Allie ‘Beag’  Cameron (Fort William) was allocated number 1 on his 150cc Greeves in 1963.


Roy Kerr SSDT No. 1
Roy Kerr (Lauder, Borders) Montesa 349 in 1981

The riders you see above are all carrying the riding ‘number 1 plate’ in the annual Scottish Six Days Trial, do you know the significance of this number? Well, in more recent times, but not always, the rider carrying the ‘number 1 plate’ is a Scotsman. However, I did say not always, because in the 1950’s it had been allocated to a small capacity machine’s rider. Since the 1960’s it had occasionally been allocated to a Scotsman, in 1968 it was Norman F. W. Edgar, who went on to become SSDT Clerk of the Course. From the 1972 trial on-wards, it has been continuously allocated to a Scots rider. The rider in 1972 was George Shaw, a Perth & District member. So, when you are next at this annual ‘Sporting Holiday in The Highlands’ – look out for two things, the ‘number 1 plate’ and also a yellow number plate which signifies the event ‘Leader’.

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