Honda ‘retire’ the Montesa brand name

It has just been announced that Honda (HRC) have decided to end 70 years of off-road motorcycle history by retiring the ‘Montesa’ brand name.

The HRC Trials Team of Takahisa Fujinami and Toni Bou, will now be riding Honda 4RT machines from now on.

This ties in with the HRC Moto GP road racing enterprise.

Montesa became a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co back in the 1980’s, which helped Honda sell more units in the Spanish markets, by their purchase of a Spanish company which was founded originally by the Permanyer family in Barcelona.

It comes as no surprise for those within the industry as much of the production was moved to Honda’s factory in Italy two years ago.

The Montesa 4RT was always a Honda at heart as the motor was built by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) which also manufactured the motor for the previous model the Montesa 315R 250cc two-stroke.

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