Have a read…’That Boy’ – The story of Ferry Brouwer


The Guru usually restricts information to the sport of trials, however, he has recently obtained a copy of the book titled: ‘That Boy – What became of Ferry Brouwer’ – Natascha Kayser

Ferry Brouwer was a race technician with Yamaha Motor Company and was spanner-man to a host of top grand-prix riders. Later in life, he became importer of Arai helmets to Europe.

He had a happy family life growing up in a working class area of Holland, life was not easy, money was not plentiful, but young Ferry always found something interesting to do and had the will to succeed.

If you get a chance to buy a copy of this book, do so, even if your interest is not in motorcycle racing, it is a captivating story. Written in both Dutch and English language, it is an open and honest recount of life in the Netherlands, post-war.

Read how Ferry took his life savings and approached Mr. Arai of the Japanese safety helmet company to attempt to import the famous helmets to Europe, he met with obstacles, yet he was not put off.

It is a true-story of endeavour and self-belief.

For more information:

That Boy – Ferry Brouwer



2 thoughts on “Have a read…’That Boy’ – The story of Ferry Brouwer”

  1. Hi please do you no were I can purchase that boy by ferry brewuer and how much is please thank you for any information

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