Rob Edwards Story – Part Eight – Still in the USA!

Back in the USA – 1972!…
Our next port of call was in Kansas at the home of ‘Wick’ and Marilyn Wicker. Like everybody we had met along our route, they gave us a fantastic welcome and really made us feel at home. The area where the school and trial was held was a bit on the dangerous side. All the trees were covered in thorns. “So what?” I hear you say.
These thorns were American! Everything is big in the USA, they were about 125mm long. I wondered at the end of the week if the trees would be festooned with trials riders impaled on them? It’s the only place I have been to where the riders use tyre weld as the thorns could pierce a trials tyre with ease.
Letter - Javier Burgos - 1972-08-03
1972 letter received from Javier Burgos based in Los Angeles, California. This followed the USA tour that Rob undertook for Montesa Motorcycles.
Fortunately, we had no casualties and after saying our goodbyes, we set off towards Michigan. Unfortunately on route, the van developed a ticking noise and soon after the engine blew. We were towed to a garage where we were given a choice wait a couple of days and they would fit a new engine, or swap everything into a Ryder truck rental van and continue in that. We took one look into the rental van and the decision was unanimous, wait two days.
From Michigan we headed for Rhode Island for our final school and trial. The school went very well and so did the trial.
The event that was put on by the Rhode Island Motorcycle Club was really good and by winning it, I had won every trial during our trip. More important than that, Jordi and myself had put a lot of effort into the schools. We gave each other a slap on the back for a job well done.
After six weeks, we had become really good friends and despite the language barrier we never stopped talking!
Thanks Jordi Permanyer for your help and support. – Rob
Wick Wicker marylin Wicker
The late Marilyn & Norval E. ‘Wick’ Wicker – North American Trials Enthusiasts – Photo courtesy of North American Trials Council.
Trials Guru: Ron mentions Norval E. ‘Wick’ Wicker and his wife, Marilyn were trials enthusiasts who made the annual pilgrimage to the Scottish Six Days to be official Observers at the event. Wick, was a commercial airline pilot by profession. The event and school Rob talks about was organised by The ‘Liberty Missouri Chargers MC’.
The Wickers officiated at the Scottish Six Days from 1973 until 1996. The Wickers were the first non -British observers at the annual ‘Sporting Holiday in the Scottish Highlands’.
In 1988, they became the first non-British nationals to be granted Honorary Life Membership of the of the organising Edinburgh & District Motor Club Ltd.
The Wickers were also inducted into the North American Trials Council ‘Hall of Fame’ for their significant contribution to the sport of trials.
Sadly ‘Wick’ left us on 2003, aged 76 years and Marilyn passed away ten years later aged 84.

To be continued …
Acknowledgements: – the website of the North American Trials Council.

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