‘Retrotrials’ – Keeping alive the 1980’s and 1990′

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Is an independent site aims to remember the trials motorcycles and top riders of the 1980’s to the mid 1990’s, as well as celebrating the Catalan motorcycles of that era. Many of these manufacturers have long since disappeared.

Most of what is featured in the site is linked to the Spanish machines, which are the speciality of Retrotrials. The Spanish  have been very influential in the history of motorcycle trials since the 1960’s. This rise in fortune followed the British motorcycle industry’s decline.

Thousands of miles have been travelled in collecting this information. Sit back and read what you have not seen before.

Trials Guru recommends that you explore the web site and you will find:

  • Exclusive Motorcycle model history
  • Exclusive Bike videos
  • Exclusive interviews with the top riders
  • Exclusive Factory photos
  • Exclusive Factory map Locations
  • Exclusive Factory video tours
  • Exclusive interviews with the manufacturers
  • Exclusive Memorabilia


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