Stu Thomson … more than just a film maker!


Stu Thomson was and still is a trials rider. Son of a motorcycling Mum and Dad he was brought up in the trials faith.

Stu and his brother Peter, rode in the Lanarkshire Motorcycle Club as a youth before taking up Downhill Mountain Bike competitions in which he was managed by none other than Steve Peat (another son of a trials rider!).

Stu on his 125 Gas Gas Contact in 1995 when a youth rider in Scotland.
Stu on his 125 Gas Gas Contact in 1995 when a youth rider in Scotland.

Stu’s parents are Richard and Bobbie Thomson, who were stalwarts of the Avon Valley MCC. They were TT race fans and at one time owned a Norton Commando, which Bobbie rode as often as husband Richard.

Richard Thomson rode trials from around 1974 to 1980, riding the Scottish Six Days Trial four times between 1976 and 1979.

Stu's Dad Richard was a keen tria
Stu’s Dad Richard was a keen trials rider. Photo: Jimmy Young, Armadale.

Stu is now married and lives near Stirling and is an accomplished film producer, running his own company CutMedia who have produced many films with Danny MacAkill (Imaginate), Guy Martin and Dougie Lampkin (Tundra Trial).

Here is a clip showcasing Stu’s most recent work…

Six Days in May – CUTMedia

Article copyright: Trials Guru / Mofffat Racing, John Moffat

Photos: Copyright – Jimmy Young, Armadale & Mrs. Bobbie Thomson

Films courtesy by CUTMedia/Stu Thomson

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