David S. Tye – BSA works rider passes

David Seymour Tye died on 2nd July 2015 at Oban. Originally from Derbyshire, David Tye was a natural off-road rider who excelled in scrambles and trials and rode in the ISDT. Best known for riding BSA Gold Stars, he also rode the works opposed twin cylinder trials Douglas in 1950-1952, before joining the BSA concern to ride their Gold Star machinery. His factory trials Gold Star bore the registration number BSA350.

David Tye on his factory BSA in the 1954 Scott Trial, an event he won in 1953. Photo: Ray Biddle, Birmingham.
David Tye on his factory BSA in the 1954 Scott Trial, an event he won in 1953. Photo: Ray Biddle, Birmingham.

Tye was an outwardly happy individual who had a ‘do-or-die’ attitude and was always up for a challenge. His younger brother Jonathan also a trials rider of note (and a Flt Lt. in the Royal Air Force commanding Vulcan bombers) told Trials Guru some years ago that their mother was an adventurous type of lady who died at a very elderly age and he believes he and his elder brother David, obtained their adventurous lead from her.

Being a commercial diver, David Tye unfortunately contracted the bends (or Decompression Sickness) whilst on a dive in the 1970’s and was confined to a wheelchair as a result.

He was Managing Director of Oban Divers Ltd.

He never let his paralysis get him down and was a great man for encouraging others’ endeavours. This culminated with his son Michael becoming Scottish Trials Champion in 1975 and again in 1977. His daughter Sally married road racer and motorcycle dealer, John Stoddart. Their daughter is Susie Wolff the racing driver.

David Tye was best friends with Peter Hammond of Triumphs but also had a wealth of friends in off-road motorcycle sport, many attended his funeral at Oban on Tuesday, 7th July 2015.

Former AJS factory rider Gordon McLaughlan wrote “David Tye was a true gentleman and motorcycle enthusiast. I rode with David in the 1952 & 1953 Scottish Six Days Trial and met him numerous times at his Oban home with the fellow ‘Gordons’ – Blakeway and Jackson

3 thoughts on “David S. Tye – BSA works rider passes”

  1. I knew David for many years being a diver & m/c enthusiast. I was sorry to hear he had died as I was not informed of this till several months after and I would have been at his funeral to pay tribute to a great friend.

  2. I new David many for many years, my father was also a friend Bert Simpson who was also a diver God bless too both of you X

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