Welcome to 2016 on Trials Guru

Many thanks to all the trial enthusiasts, world-wide for tuning in to Trials Guru over the festive period. It was noticeable that many of you were catching up with the following pages: Bultaco – Spain; Scottish Six Days; Jimmy Young Archive; Iain Lawrie Collection; Rainer Heise Trials in Germany; Claudio Pictures of Trial; Recalled by Rappers plus many more. Also the following articles on HRC/Honda RTL; Walther Luft at 70; Jock Wilson and many, many more.

Tarres - Berlatier - Saunders - 2015 Ventoix - CP
Mont Ventoix 2015 – Jordi Tarres (SWM), Phillipe Berlatier (Bultaco) & Steve Saunders (Honda) – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures

Our Index page was used extensively, which shows there is a lot of interest in our archive material, free to use at any time. We pride ourselves at Trials Guru in that we don’t manage forums which distract from the real meaning of Trials Guru, to preserve trial history and celebrate all the great riders and events from all over the planet.

AG B 2013 SSDT Day 1 NS
AGBikes, Low Row, Richmond, Yorkshire receive free publicity on Trials Guru. The firm is family run by a rider/enthusiasts.

We run without subscription and income from adverts. All the businesses featured on Trials Guru are featured here only by personal recommendation and they pay no advertising charges for space on our Useful Links page. That is the unique way we work for the true trial enthusiast.

DEL - TG - 2013 - TG Photo
Trial Magazine and Classic Trial are both recognised publications of quality by Trials Guru and receive free publicity on this website, read about Debbie Evans-Leavitt story on Trials Guru – find it easily on our ‘Index‘ page

We hope to bring you more photos, more articles, more facts about the great sport of motorcycle trial here on Trials Guru throughout the year.

Bultaco publicity photo of Martin Lampkin on his factory Sherpa T model 92 – Image courtesy of the John Hulme Catalogue Archive/Trial Magazine UK – Read the Bultaco -Spain page on Trials Guru

Guru – The syllable ‘gu’ means darkness, the syllable ‘ru’, he who dispels them,
Because of the power to dispel darkness, the guru is thus named.

Trials Guru – Strictly for the sport!

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