Bultaco now on Trials Guru

Manuel Soler - Publicity - Bultaco
Bultaco publicity from 1975 showing Manuel Soler and advertising that Bultaco Motorcycles and Soler were Spanish Trials Champions.

Bultaco trials motorcycles now have their own page on Trials Guru!

EAA60D - Vesty - NS photo
EAA60D, Sammy Miller’s 1966 Sherpa T, is now owned and been restored to its former glory by Yrjo Vesterinen – Photo copyright: Neil Sturgeon, Darlington

It was always the intention to have a page on the site to celebrate the brand, but due to other articles taking precedence, it has only been possible to do this now.

Coutard Bultaco - Claudio Picture
Charles Coutard with his 1977 factory Bultaco Sherpa – Photo Copyright: Claudio Picture

This particular page will be modified and expanded through time, so please keep checking back for new items going forward!

In the meantime, why not click straight to:

Bultaco – Spain

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