Gas Gas – The Return

Gas Gas Racing 300 2016
2016 Gas Gas TXT300 Racing – Photo: Gas Gas Motos

A popular brand even although it has suffered financial hardship, Gas Gas are set for a return. The new Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing, the model most awaited by the fans of Trial and two-stroke engines. The new models of the Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing will begin production in March in the renovated facilities in Salt under strict quality standards of both manufacturing and of components, as the Girona factory emerges with this strong commitment in the manufacturing of all products.

2016 Gas Gas Racing 300 – Photo: Gas Gas Motos

Highlighted by a sincere commitment to quality and for constant improvement of its TXT 300 Racing model, next week, we will reveal this new flagship of our brand in the sport of Trial, at which point full details will be available with specifications of this new model in which Gas Gas has devoted a special dedication of attention to every detail.

Also Marc Colomer has joined the Development Team at Gas Gas Motos.

GasGas relaunch - 2016
Gas Gas relaunch in Gerona 2016 – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

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