TRIALS GURU – It’s a success because of you!

Trials Guru – it’s a success because of you!

It is noticeable how Trials Guru, the online medium for viewing photographs and articles of the sport of motorcycle trials world-wide, has really taken off.

Trials Guru is also now being referred to in sporting circles as ‘Guru’ or even ‘TG’ for short.

It started purely as an idea that ‘TG’ creator, John Moffat had back in 2003 which had been offered to a webmaster of a well-known trials website, but it was turned down because it “wouldn’t be of any interest”.

Alan Lampkin
Alan Lampkin (325 Bultaco) seen here in 1978 is a keen follower of Trials Guru- Photo: Mike Rapley

Trials Guru was eventually launched quietly and without fuss in March 2014, that is two years ago now and it has grown steadily without advertising other than word of mouth.

Obviously its success is down to finding interesting material and the fact that it is totally without charge, be that subscription or payment to view. It is free and that is probably its appeal.

No fuss, no forums, no keyboard warriors to distract you from trials – just good honest information and photos from the contributing photographers and article writers.

We have been very fortunate that Trials Guru’s creator has many contacts in the sport, which has helped bring information to you the reader. Of course you, the reader, are equally important in the mixture, without you there would be no need for Trials Guru!

It is amazing how many former ‘works’ riders follow Trials Guru, many of them have appeared in photographs taken back in the day!

If you have an interesting tale to tell, then why not get in touch through the ‘contact’ page? We are always on the look-out for something out of the ordinary and new.

It goes without saying that we are all grateful for the contributions of our photographers who have given express permission for their material to be seen. Please be respectful, as we are, of their copyright as the photographs belong to the photographer, not us!

We have a strict rule that every photograph is credited to the photographer, it is not masked over by using a collective ‘archive wrapper’, that is not the way we do things on Trials Guru and never will.

So please enjoy Trials Guru as a reader as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

Remember we are also on facebook and twitter.

Yours in sport,

John Moffat – Trials Guru website

Irish Trials on Trials Guru – Jonathan Bewley, 350 AJS, at the roadside sections in Glassamucky, Co Dublin, in the Leinster trial 18.11.1967 – Photo: Pat Ewen, Dublin

3 thoughts on “TRIALS GURU – It’s a success because of you!”

  1. John I appreciate trial Gura, quality, very nice pictures… one reference with his reports in Europe. Congratulations

  2. Thank you John.I really enjoy reading and learning more about trials,especially from the old stars of the sport.Well done!!!

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