Rappers finds ‘unusual’ Bultaco!

A good shot of this altered Bultaco
GR78005 – Close up of the unique monocoque Bultaco with the top tube acting as a fuel tank – Photo: Mike Rapley

Ahead of it’s time, we are carried back to 1978 when photo-journalist Mike Rapley snapped this unique monocoque framed 325cc Bultaco at the Welsh Trophy Trial.

The top frame tube carrying fuel it bears a strange resemblance to machines we use today.

No idea who rides this unusual Bultaco
WT78032 – The modified 325 Bultaco with special frame and top frame tube as fuel tank – Photo: Mike Rapley

Mike Rapley could not recall who built it, who rode it or if it still exists, but we do know someone that would like to own it!

A most unusual Bultaco
GR78004 – Phill Smith on his very unusual Bultaco – Photo: Mike Rapley

Have a look at the detail shot and judge for yourself!

Bultaco Monocoque
A colour photograph of the same machine at a National Trial at Lynton, North Devon, but showing that the rear frame loop had been abbreviated and the exhaust front pipe modified. Photo courtesy: Stephen Hopkins

November 2019 – Thanks to the power of the internet, Phill Smith, the machines creator in 1978 discovered Trials Guru and his machine! Stephen Hopkins also produced a colour photograph which indicated that the machine was further modified and developed.

We aim to bring more information on this special machine shortly.

All photos: copyright Mike Rapley & Stephen Hopkins

For more Welsh Trophy and other action from Mike Rapley, click HERE

To contact Trials Guru with information about this Bultaco special, make contact HERE

Mick Bradley wrote: 06/03/2016: “RE unusual Bultaco. Phill Smith from Kidderminster built and rode a very similiar Bulto to this around that time. Not sure if this is him but looks very much like it. Regards Mick”.


10 thoughts on “Rappers finds ‘unusual’ Bultaco!”

  1. I have a vague recollection of Duncan Macdonald producing a Bultaco special after the Ossas but whether this could be it I am not sure. It does have more of the Steve Wilson signature about it certainly.

      1. I too remember this from the time and sure it was a Steve Wilson prototype

  2. I thought Steve Wilson also, especially using those plastic tubes as chain guards but it doesn’t look like Steve riding it

    1. the duncan macdonald bulto was aluminium and was rivetted just like the ossa s beforei .i rode with farther and son had some good times with the macdonalds they had a company in macclesfield and made vf muddgards vf stood for vacuum former’s and t
      hay made all sorts of parts for bikes

  3. Had a chat earlier this week about the bike and Arthur Williams commented “now owned by john Collins acu man….but steve Wilson built that” I think you know one or both of the above, John Moffat, so perhaps the mystery might be solved once and for all with a but more info from them.

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