Don’t Follow by Bike!

The road stops – so does the vehicle!

With the annual Scottish Six Days Trial and Pre’65 Scottish fast approaching, perhaps it’s time to remind ourselves that these are organised events, suitably insured and staffed with officials. These events don’t just happen and many months of planning and negotiations with public and private organisations take place each year, let’s keep it that way?

Have a read through the article on Trials Guru which explains fully the situation surrounding land use in the UK and how trials fans and spectators can do their bit.

There is a ‘right to roam’ but that does not include motor vehicle access!

The simple solution is, by all means go to these events, but don’t take a motorcycle, unless you strictly plan to follow only by the public highway.

Learn about illegal land use, it isn’t as obvious as you may think!

Click on this link:

Responsible Land Use Article

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