Ossa in miniature!

We are always looking for something different on Trials Guru, usually trials, recently we featured a scale model Montesa Cappra motocross machine from the late 1960s.

Once again, Justyn Norek from Turin was on hand to take photos of another wonderful model. This time it’s a trials machine, the Ossa 250 Mick Andrews Replica (MAR).

It’s hard to believe it’s not photos of a real Ossa MAR motorcycle, just look at the detail!

The handiwork of  Pere Tarragó of Barcelona, Spain …


OSSA MAR 250 020
Pere Tarrago at work on the 1:5 scale Ossa MAR

OSSA MAR 250 084
Components painted and plated, ready for final assembly


The finished article, a toffee sweet is placed to give an indication of scale and that this is a model, not a real Ossa!



OSSA MAR 250 170
Can you tell if these are models or the real thing? These are 1:5 scale models lined up!


For more information:   www.motoscalatarrago.com

You could be forgiven for thinking that is a real motocross bike!

Many thanks to Justyn Norek for the use of his copyright photographs.

More Justyn Norek photos of trial and motocross: HERE


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