Dave’s Yamaha Time-warp

Recently, we came across a real nice little story. From time to time, we are sure that stories are told of a brand new, unused motorcycle still in the manufacturer’s packaging crate – they do exist!

What is in this box? – Photo: Dave Smith

Dave Smith from Buckinghamshire recently had a look inside a box he has had for the last 25 years.

What is inside it? – A brand new unused Yamaha TY250R ‘Pinky’ model!

Surely not, is the box empty or? – it can’t be, can it? – Photo: Dave Smith

Bought brand new in it’s Yamaha box from John Lee Motorcycles, it was one of the very last batch made in 1992 and Dave thought because it was such an important machine in trials history he would get one of the last and keep it wrapped up.  Smith recounted: “I seem to remember at the time they had gone well out of fashion and they were discounted down to about £2,000. I’m sure I’ve got the original sales invoice somewhere. Judging by the reaction I have had, a lot of people remember them with fondness”.

The TY250R ‘Pinky’ was the last of the TY250 range which began with the twinshock Yamaha Trials machine in 1974. The TY250S and R models were developed with the direct input of Nigel Birkett and of course were monoshock (Yamaha Mono-cross system) suspension on the rear. The TY250R ‘Pinky’ was produced in 1992 as a single batch, just before the factory commenced production of the Yamaha TYZ, water-cooled, aluminium perimeter frame model.

The TYZ model signalled Yamaha’s ongoing committment to the sport of trials but ended the production run of the air-cooled TY250R which ran from 1984 – 1992.

So let us unwrap the time warp from 1993…

Brand new in box, they do exist! The original owner’s manual, handlebars and propstand – Photo: Dave Smith

Factory fresh, zero miles on the odometer – Photo: Dave Smith

Unused, with factory disclaimer decals on the rear fender – Photo: Dave Smith

Still in the original box, the Yamaha sees daylight from it’s time capsule! – Photo: Dave Smith

The caution decals on the plastic tank, completely empty and unused – Photo: Dave Smith

Not many left in original condition as this TY250R – Photo: Dave Smith

The front mudguard nestles on the rear tyre, still unfitted since being packed away by the factory dispatchers – Photo: Dave Smith

Many thanks to owner Dave Smith for allowing us to look at his unused Yamaha TY250R

Many thanks to owner Dave Smith for allowing Trials Guru feature his quite unique Yamaha, the big question now must be… will he ride this precious time warp machine or simply return it to its’ slumbers for posterity?

Text: Copyright: Trials Guru/Moffat Racing 2016

Images: Dave Smith, Buckinghamshire

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One thought on “Dave’s Yamaha Time-warp”

  1. Didn’t Andy Huddleston have an in-the-box TYZ up for sale about 18 months ago, another time warp piece? Seem to recall it being a Hamilton Team issue bike.

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