Lost Husqvarna

Help us locate this Husqvarna Trials Machine from the 1970s and get it back to it’s builder!

We had a plea from Jonny Andersson from Sweden, who was the rider who came very close to winning the US Trials Championship, he finished 3rd in 1987 and 2nd in 1988 & 89 in the AMA Championship, on Honda RTL back in the late 1980s, he says:

“Hello Trials Guru, help please, my father Erland Andersson and I would like this Husqvarna trials bike back. My father built and rode it before selling it in New York state in America at the end off the 1970s. Can you have your eyes and ear open or maybe put out a plea for us please?”

So can you all spread this message far and wide, especially in the US of A?

Jonny reckons that someone rode the US nationals on the bike.

If you do know the whereabouts of this special Husqvarna, please make contact with Jonny by using our ‘Contact’ page… just put the title of your message: “Husqvarna” and we will ensure that Jonny gets your message!




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