Trials Guru Photographs

mick Andrews - Eric Kitchen - Nostalgia
Guest of Honour Mick Andrews receiving a momento at the Nostalgia event in 2013 from ace photographer, Eric Kitchen who has assisted Trials Guru with specific photos from the start

Jimmy Young who has his own archive on Trials Guru, captured at a Kelvin Hall Arena trial in the 1970s.
Since we started Trials Guru on the web followed by a facebook page, we have been able to display the work of photographers across the globe.

Rene Opstals Logo

Without the photographers, we would only be able to record trials history in words alone and as we all know, a photo tells a thousand words.

Iain Lawrie H&S
Iain Lawrie from Kinlochleven, an enthusiast of trials since the early 1970s.

So, to all our photographers, a huge thank you from Trials Guru and its readers!

Trials Guru Index of Photographers: HERE

Linda Ashford from Somerset is a keen trials photographer who supports TMX and Trials Guru on a regular basis.

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