Trials Guru moving into third year

Trials Guru is the brainchild of John Moffat, aided by friends across the globe to bring you this website. Photo: Trials Guru/Moffat Racing
It is hard to believe that Trials Guru began almost three years ago. In March 2014 we launched onto the world wide web with some very minimal snapshots of riders some well known and some not so well known.
Initially it was a place to view some older trials photos from the personal archives of creator, John Moffat aided by friend Heath Brindley who was instrumental in getting Moffat’s idea which was thought up some years previously and which was turned down flat by another established trials website when the idea was first muted.
Brindley still helps from time to time to keep the website working properly.
50 years of Scott wins separate these two riders! Alan Lampkin (BSA) on the left won in 1966, James Dabill (Vertigo) winner 2016 – Alan Lampkin is a regular visitor to Trials Guru both here and on facebook! – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK – 2016
What has happened in the intervening three years is just amazing. We have attracted many photographers, both professional and amatuer to exhibit their work here on a website that costs the viewer not one penny or cent to dip into when the urge arises.
It is amazing how many former factory riders actually regularly visit these pages, you the reader are in very esteemed company when you flick through Trials Guru!
Trials Guru is exceptionally grateful to the many photographers who have given permission and still continue to allow the use of their images to tell the history of trials on these pages.
We continue to respect the work and the copyright of our photographers, please do the same.
We hope that we continue to bring you good stuff from the sport because we are trials enthusiasts bringing information, articles, news and photographs of our amazing sport – free!
Our pages are rapidly becoming THE first call by people wanting to find out more about trials and its history, for that is what we are recording, the history of our sport, its people, its events and its achievements. In fact Trials Guru is trials sports’ encyclopaedia, all done with the assistance of like minded enthusiasts.
Moffat: “My late father always said that history is important, we can see where we have come from. He also said that if it was so important then it should be written down for posterity. This is why I wanted to start Trials Guru some years ago or something similar to it. By good fortune I had got to know Heath Brindley of R2WTrials, whom I trust and he said that everything was possible, so off he went and Trials Guru was set up, the rest, as they say, is history. We are recording the history of the sport, but also we are constantly looking to the future”.
Moffat: “My late father always said that history is important, we can see where we have come from. He also said that if it was so important then it should be written down for posterity” – 1975 Loch Lomond Dan Stewart 2 Day Trial. From Left: Chris Clarke, Dave Rowland and T. Arnott Moffat. – Photo taken by John Clarke, Sheffield.
Trials Guru does not and will not charge you the reader or our advertisers one penny or cent to use this website.
We hope that you will continue to support Trials Guru for years to come as it is simply – Dedicated to the Sport.

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Meadowcroft on his 350 Matchless in the 1947 Scott – Photo: Charlie Watson, Hull

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