Ian Robertson UNEARTHED

Hawick rider and former Scottish Champion, Graham F. Smith (240 SWM) at the Lanarkshire Valente Trial at Kilsyth in 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian
We at Trials Guru are always looking for new material and old material for that matter, well we just found some for you!
Scottish trials enthusiast Ian T. Robertson from Midlothian has been friends with Trials Guru’s John Moffat for over 40 years and he has opened up his personal archive for us to see.
Please, as usual, be respective of Ian’s copyright, he is the legal owner of these images, please do not share without permission.

Go straight to see the photos that Ian has ‘unearthed’ on Trials Guru… Here!


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Midlothian rider and joint Scottish Champion in 1978, John Winthrop (348 Lloyd Montesa) Valente Trial, 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

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