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George Moore from Northampton has been a busy lad recently, setting up ‘Montana Adventures’ in Spain. Trials Guru took some time out to have a chat with him and what he was doing.

Words: George Moore & Trials Guru

George: “I have been riding motorcycles since a very young age, when my mother introduced me to off-road riding as she rode a KTM 250 and she thought that the perfect bike for me would be a BETA REV3 250 which the clutch didn’t work properly, so as you can imagine, a baptism of fire.

I aspired to steal the KTM off her and when I could, I left trials behind and started enduro and when I was old enough, trail riding, this was my love of an ‘adventure’.

My enduro bike got stolen some years later and with running my own business and thinking I could not risk getting injured, I decided to take up trials again and got hooked. But for me it was still all about the adventures, my favourite events were road trials because of the between section riding. I have never been a good trials rider but always been brave and up for a challenge and within the first year of riding trials again I have entered the Scottish Six Days, I will ride a Montesa 4-Ride.

I have ridden and owned every modern trials bike and there are many that I truly love to ride the bike that I have always come back to is the montesa because it allows me to have the most fun for the least amount of hassle in the trials that I really enjoy.”

George in England :

“I have started and built up a successful tree surgery business over the last 10 years which I thoroughly enjoyed in which we built many custom made machines which I have loved as I am fascinated with how things work and am of the opinion that you can build most things with a welder and a good brain, not that I have a good brain when it comes to welding but I am very good at seeing the project in my head and getting the right people involved to make it all happen.”


George in Spain:

“I came to Spain at Christmas time in 2015 to go on an enduro riding trip with a company very close to where I am operating my own business now and was a little disappointed in the level of riding, it was too easy, and how it lacked many things that I think are necessary in a holiday. When in Spain I met my now girlfriend Raquel and this prompted many more visits to spain and to this magical area, one of my journeys to see her I decided to drive and bring my trials bike. With my bike being in Spain I decided to do some map reading and some exploring and see if I could find the trails I had been craving when I had come out at Christmas and would you believe it they were everywhere.

This got me thinking, things were going well with Raquel and if this other guy can do a bad holiday then why can’t I do a good one.

So I carried on exploring some routes and finding great resteraunts for lunch and finding great accommodation and basically putting the frame work of the business in place.

And then to the bikes and the equipment well it could only really be the brand new Montesa 4 Ride, it was as if the planets had aligned the perfect tool for the job. John Lee Motorcycles sorted me out with all of the riding kit and spares I was ever going to need.

I had already built a business from the ground up before, which is hard so was determined that with this one I was not going to have any customers until it was 100% prepared.

I bought my bikes, a van for collecting customers from the airport and all parts and kit I was ever going to need and set off for Spain.

I started putting some videos and photos of my route finding on ‘facebook’ and within a day or so I had a chance message from someone I had never come across saying he wanted to come with three friends in September, this was ‘D-day’ which was brilliant, I had a target.

The four English guys lived on Ibiza and also do a trip of this sort each year so I was apprehensive as to how my tour would live up to home but they couldn’t have been happier and immediately booked up for the following year at the end of the tour they described as being the same as home but better because the landscape is bigger and the wine is better. I was at this point I was quite sure that I was doing the right thing in life.

I decided I had had enough of England apart from my favourite trials, I put my business up for sale and moved out with Raquel.”


Montana Adventures:

“I decided when I had moved to spain that I wanted to buy some land and use it as a trials practice ground partly for my business and partly as a free and legal practice ground for brits practicing in the winter, I wanted to help trial sport as a whole but also bring some more people to my tiny village that I know call home.

I now do free trials practice lessons for the children in the village with two Osets I bought from John Lee Motorcycles.

And using this new goodwill from the locals I plan to run a three-day trial in this area in 2018 to bring even more people to this little village.

So far we have some professional German riders coming to practice, ‘Hippel Racing’ who fitted right in and had a lot of fun.”

George explains ‘Montana Adventures’ mission:

“It’s quite simple, to provide a top quality holiday.

It does not matter if you have never ridden offroad or ride the Six Days, I have stunning trails for you. This is not only for trials riders it is for motorcyclists who want to have a holiday on a bike in a beautiful place without being scared by an enduro bike or put off by not wanting to share a room with Fred or not wanting to be at the back of a ten man group.

We only provide small number tours with a max of six riders and we provide all your meals and take you to superb restaurants to eat good food.

We provide beautiful traditional accommodation with everyone having their own room.

We also provide the best bikes around, which unlike enduro bikes are suitable for absolute begginers to ride. We also provide all riding kit and safety kit as required and cover accidental damage with no charge. We collect and drop off to the airport.

The only thing you need to do is get to spain and bring some money for your beers!

I am based in the area known as Mataranna on the border of Aragon and Catalonia which is known for its beauty. The best airport is Barcelona.”

To find out more about Montana Adventures – click HERE


Article copyright: George Moore (Montana Adventures) & Trials Guru – 2017

All photos: Copyright and Courtesy of George Moore (Montana Adventures) – 2017

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