Highland Road Trip Takes Shape

1958 TA & JO Moffat
Long connections with the sport of trials – T. Arnott Moffat with John Moffat in early 1958 with Moffat’s ex-factory 350 Matchless (OLH722) in Edinburgh. Machines were ridden to events, competed with and ridden home again – Photo: Moffat Family Archive

When motorcycle enthusiasts, Peter Remington, John Holmes and John Moffat got together one sunny afternoon, the talk was predominately about one subject – motorcycling.

Former Trials and motocross competitor, Peter Remington from Kendal has for many years been the prime-mover of the annual Bob MacGregor road run at Killin, Perthshire in the April, just prior to the SSDT week.

He suggested to Moffat that it would be something different to have a road run up near Inverness to coincide with the now popular Highland Classic Two Day Trial (June 10/11). Remington made the suggestion that it be named after Moffat’s father who had been thirty-two years secretary of the Scottish ACU and was a keen motorcycle trials rider in his youth.

A suggested route would be Loch Ness based and initial soundings were taken from some local enthusiasts and the reports were favourable. There is an established annual Loch Ness run and checking the calendar it was feasible to run such an event the day after. This would allow some riders to make a two day affair out of the two independent events, one on the Sunday and the other on the Monday.

By a strange piece of good luck, Mairi Grant from Rogart discovered a copy of the 1957 Highland Two Day Trial programme and inside was the actual routes used sixty years ago.

And so the plans became a reality, with a permit approved by the Scottish ACU and the title: “Arnott Moffat Memorial Highland Road Run” was created.

The route will attempt to retrace as much of the 1957 Highland Trial as possible with a fuel and lunch stop on the way. The final route has yet to be confirmed, but entry forms are available and the cost is a modest £12. A donation will be made to the local Highland Classic Motor Cycle Club for their support of this event. All machines must be road registered and insured, with the preference being pre 1975 machinery, but all road-legal solo motorcycles are welcome. The only qualification being that you must be a ‘motorcycle enthusiast’.

Entry forms for the ‘Arnott Moffat’ on Monday, June 12th 2017 are available by contacting the event secretary, John Moffat by e-mail: highlandclassic@outlook.com


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