Trials Guru goes SSDT

Past SSDT Secretaries, the late Ally Findlay (1997-2000) left with Trials Guru’s John Moffat (2001-2002) seen here in 2001 – Photo: Colin Bullock/CJB Photographic

Trials Guru has had a long association with the annual Scottish Six Days Trial as the site owner, John Moffat has been an observer, rider, event secretary and most recently guest commentator on ‘Six Days Radio’ hosted and supported by the local radio station, ‘Nevis Radio’ based in down town Fort William.

This year, 2017 Trials Guru  website has gifted special decals to be given to all competitors and officials at the signing on formalities on Sunday, April 30th at the Ben Nevis Hotel.

Over the next few weeks, Trials Guru website will be counting down to this most famous of all motorcycle trials, which of course can trace its roots back to 1911 when the Edinburgh & District Club took over the running  of the event.

Remember the ‘Trials Guru SSDT 2017’ decals are only available to 2017 SSDT riders and officials at Fort William and will not be available otherwise, so if you are riding the SSDT this year, keep the decal safe as it is unique!

As for the radio coverage, the only main media to cover the whole event, this will be every morning commencing at 07:00 GMT until 11.00 GMT ( and will be compared by Trials Guru’s John Moffat and Nevis Radio’s John Weller and Simon Abberley.

It is hoped that a roving microphone can be used to do some interviews at the afternoon sections with riders and spectators, so keep an eye out and of course listen in to all the action as it happens during the week from ‘Parc Ferme’ to ‘Section’.

Don’t forget to have a look in at our SSDT special section on Trials Guru: HERE


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