Gordon’s Record is Shared

Gordon Jackson’s fifty six year record of the famous one dab win of the Scottish Six Days Trial has been equalled by Dougie Lampkin (300 Vertigo) who lost his one mark in the shadow of the hill on which Jackson lost his solitary dab.

Dougie Lampkin Lower Mamore
Dougie Lampkin on ‘Lower Mamore’ where he surrendered a solitary mark to win the 2017 SSDT – Photo Copyright: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

Jackson’s dab occurred at the top sub-section of the Grey Mare’s Ridge sections, observed by David Johnson back in 1961 when he was riding his now equally famous AJS 350 (187BLF).

Lampkin was clean for five days but had to surrender one mark on the ‘Lower Mamore’ section on May 6th, 2017.

Gordon Jackson spoke directly to Trials Guru on May 11th and said:

“I was kept informed during the week that Doug Lampkin was still clean and my friend Gordon Blakeway phoned me ten minutes after Doug’s dab and I knew that I was sharing the record, but it hadn’t yet been beaten. If anyone was going to do it, it would have been Doug Lampkin and in my opinion he is the greatest trials rider ever, having twelve world titles to his credit and now eleven Scottish Six Days Trials.

I know that one can’t compare riders of different eras, that would be like comparing Valentino Rossi with Mike Hailwood. Doug Lampkin came close to beating my record of which I am proud, but if he had, I can’t think of a better bloke to do it. I admire him and know how much pressure he would be under last week.

I would of course have been slightly disappointed if my record had been beaten, but I don’t mind sharing it with Doug”.

Interesting parallels and facts – SSDT 1961 and 2017:

Jackson was twenty-nine years of age when he won the SSDT in 1961 and Lampkin was forty-one years of age when he posted his solitary one mark win in 2017. Both riders are now firmly in the record books and proud of their achievements.

Other interesting points are that they both carried a number plate in the 160 bracket, only six numbers apart! Jackson was allocated 166 and Lampkin number 160, both of course leading the event from start to finish. Coupled to that the 1961 and 2017 trials both started and finished on Monday 1st May and Saturday 6th May!

GLJ 2011
Gordon Jackson with his famous AJS 187BLF on which he won the 1961 SSDT on one solitary mark! (Photo: Trials Guru)

4 thoughts on “Gordon’s Record is Shared”

  1. Respectfully Gordon Jackson’s SSDT one dab in an AJS 500 cc with a 300 lbs frame, is an enormous effort, today’s observed trial motorcycles ride almost autonomous.

  2. the other coincidence is that of the 180 sections in this years trial, Lower Mamore is one closest to the section where GJ lost his dab – only a few hundred metres away from each other !

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