Banovallum Celebrate perfect 10

Banovallum MCC – Two-Day Trial

Words and photographs: Gillian Lawson

The Banovallum Motorcycle Club was established in 1948 and has numerous members all of whom speak passionately about it. The weekend of 10th -11th June witnessed the club celebrating its 10th anniversary trial at the Withcall Trial, set in beautiful Lincolnshire.

Louise Alford (Gas Gas) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

At the event, there were some extremely tough testing sections, which proved very challenging for all riders, however everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy them.  The weather was very good all weekend which made it even more enjoyable.

David Smith (Gas Gas) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

I helped by observing on day one on a stream section which was one of the more difficult sections for the riders and managed to get completely soaked and covered in mud courtesy of two riders who shall remain nameless, but all part of the fun of trialling.

Chris Alford on his Gas Gas – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The first day had thirty-nine riders, but that number increased to fifty-eight on day two showing the popularity of the event.   On Saturday evening the camp fire was set following the first days trialling and the riders had tents and camper vans all around the field.

Victoria Traves – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The club erected a marquee for the band who played throughout the evening, as everyone sat around the camp in chairs with a beer and chatted about the day, discussing how it had been for them personally and discussing the next day.

Roger Sanderson – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The atmosphere was very friendly and enjoyable with some people getting up to dance whilst others just relaxed around the fire.  The weekend was enjoyed by all and credit to the organisers who worked very hard to set everything up and ensure everyone had fun.   A special mention to Rosemary and Tim Hawcock who were always on hand to help anyone with any questions they might have.

John Fox – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Can’t wait for the 11th anniversary!

Donna Fox (Beta 4T) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Kim Waters (Yamaha) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Tim Hawcock (Montesa 4RT) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

For more on the Lincolnshire and East Midlands trial scene, visit our special section: East Midland Trials on Trials Guru.

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