Thank You for being part of TG in 2017

Fujinami Crash 2016 - Belgium - Rene Opstals
Takahisa Fujinami parts company with the factory Montesa at the Belgian world championship round in July 2016 – Photo: Rene Opstals

Thank you for viewing Trials Guru in 2017, it is much appreciated and we are always appreciative of our contributors, whether that be photographic or the written word!

Here is a short video compilation which looks back on the Trials Guru’s season, 2017.

It’s called ‘2017 – Rewound’ – sorry if anyone is missed out, it certainly wasn’t intentional.

Looking forward to 2018 already!

Yours in Sport,

The Trials Guru

… ‘2017 – Rewound’

With special thanks to:

Eric Kitchen; Jon Stoodley; Kim Ferguson/Kimages; Rene Opstals; Chris Sharp; Linda Ashford; Gillian Lawson; Iain Lawrie; John Hulme/CJ Publishing.

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