SSDT Radio 2018

Nevis Radio coverage at SSDT ‘18

Nevis Radio’s John Weller will be joined by Guest Presenter, Trials Guru’s John Moffat for the Outside Broadcast of SSDT ’18 at Fort William – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Nevis Radio, the station local to Fort William and Lochaber will once again be broadcasting live from the event’s parc ferme from Monday 7th May until Saturday 12th May.

The outside broadcast team this year will consist of John ‘Big John’ Weller; Simon Abberley and guest presenter, Trials Guru’s John Moffat. As well as radio broadcasting, the station will be ‘on air’ with live video streaming and additional recorded coverage during the day when ‘The Moffster’ will be out at sections with the Nevis Radio ‘roving mic’.

The daily broadcasts will commence at 07:00 – 11:00 on 96.6 102.3 & 102.4 MHz.

The sponsors of the programme this year will be once again Michelin Tyres and Trial Magazine UK.

Simon Abberley, Nevis Radio’s Business Development & Sustainability Manager said: “Nevis Radio would like to thank Michelin and Trial Magazine UK for their continued support after over seven years of sponsorship. As a registered charity, every penny we get counts towards our continued service and helps us broadcast across Lochaber.

In recent years we have expanded into the world of live video streaming on the internet. Without the support from Michelin and Trial Magazine UK we wouldn’t have had the funds available to offer this service.

Being mostly volunteer based with one staff member involved, it takes a great deal of resource to achieve our Scottish Six Days Trial coverage, but every year we are driven by the feedback we get and always try and push a little harder the next time round it’s a way of evolving and improving what we do to the best we can.”

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