Jack Dance scores high in Italy

Report: Barry Robinson:

Photo: FIM

Italy 2019 - Euro

Thirteen year old Partridge Green, Horsham, trials rider Jack Dance excelled in the opening event in the European Youth Championship at Peitramurata, Italy, on Sunday claiming an impressive second place riding his JST Gas Gas heading fellow Brit, Ben Dignan From Roy Bridge, Fort William, Scotland by two marks.

East Keswick youngster Harry Hemingway was a close fourth with Buxton’s Harry Turner taking ninth place in a teenage star studded entry of the top Euro youngsters.

Dance was his typical cool self and Nicky and Adrian stopped off in Genoa and the Pro Park where some time and days were practicing on testing terrain before heading back up Italy to the trial venue. The short halt at the Pro Park gave Jack time to acclimatise in the altitude of the mountains but he was nervous initially at the trial venue. He knew it was going to a long tough day and took the morning build-up in his stride. Relaxing and drinking plenty of liquid to negate hydration paid dividends that were required when the chain let go in section three. The sprint back to parc ferme for another link and tools took some time and energy. It was a tough start for the entire entry. Only Dignan and winner Pau Martinez got through section four along with Harry Turner, Enzo Rossi and Fabian David. After the chain failure incident, thought to be that a loose stone tangled with the chain. Dance got his head down and did not let the opening sections rattle him. He settled down to serious business with more confidence.

His second lap was ten under his opening circuit and only bettered by winner Martinez. His style took him up the order and onto the podium. More than ever Jack Dance, at fourteen years of age, is a planner and thinker. He was quite surprised at the end result and it was time to smile – a big smile.


F.I.M. European Youth Trials Championship, Pietramurata, Italy. Sunday.

1 Pau Martinez (Esp) Vertigo         25 + 17 = 42.

2 Jack Dance (GB) JST Gas Gas     41+ 31 =72.

3 Ben Dignan (GB) JST Gas Gas          35 + 39 =74.

4 Jonathan Heidel  (Ger) Gas Gas  41 + 44  = 85.

5 Harry Hemingway (GB) Beta      47 + 42 = 89.

6 Jarmil Smith  (Ger)  Beta             47 + 43  = 90.

7 Linus Sandberg (Swe) TRS         47 + 47  = 94.

8 Valentino Feltrin  (Ita) Gas Gas   51 + 46 = 97.

9 Harry Turner (GB) Gas Gas         48 + 49 =102

10 Enzo Rossi (Fra) Scorpa            53 + 50 = 103.

11 Fabian David (Cze) Beta            51 + 54-105

12 Philipp Eberharter  (Aust)          55 + 51 =106

13 Jonas Schiele (Ger) Gas Gas      56 + 51 =107.

14 Rooney Bereiter (Ger) Gas Gas   59 + 48 = 107.

15 Nils Schwabedissen (Ger) Beta   61 + 49 =110.

19th Owen Chestnut (GB) Gas Gas  66 + 67  =  62

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