SSDT 2019 Nevis Radio coverage

For some years now, Trials Guru’s John Moffat has been involved with the Nevis Radio local media coverage of the Scottish Six Days Trial.

Year on year this coverage gets better with improvements and new features introduced.

Here is the 2019 coverage, Day 1-6, which was streamed out on youtube:

1Day  – SSDT 2019 Day One

DSC_3535 (Medium)

Day 2 – SSDT 2019 Day Two

DSC_3522 (Medium)

Day 3 – SSDT 2019 Day Three

DSC_3536 (Medium)

Day 4 – SSDT 2019 Day Four

DSC_3533 (Medium)

Day 5 – SSDT 2019 Day Five

DSC_3540 (Medium)

Day 6 – SSDT 2019 – Day Six


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