SSDT gets new website

It has been announced that the Scottish Six Days Trial is to build a new website to promote the annual Highland event for 2020.

In a statement issued on Trials Central today (Saturday 19th October), website owner Andy Grieg issued this statement:

Many will be aware that Trials Central has provided and operated the official website for the Scottish Six Days Trial since 2015. By mutual agreement with the organising Club, that arrangement has now come to an end. The Club were keen to take the site back in-house and, for me it was an awful lot of work with SSDT week itself being a non-stop run of 16-hour minimum days. I don’t even do that kind of hours for the job that pays the mortgage! It had become an obligation more than something I enjoyed doing and when you stop enjoying something, it’s time to move on and do something else.

This is a totally amicable agreement and the Club have full access to everything on the current website to port over to the new one they are having built so none of the extensive historical information that’s been added over the past five years should be lost. I don’t know when this new site will be up and running, but the current one will remain in place till then, it just won’t be updated any more.

The SSDT will take place in the Fort William area from Monday 4th to Saturday 9th May 2020 and with the entry arrangements probably released during November, it is anticipated that the new website will be operational very soon.

The new website is accessed via and the service will continue as normal. The new website will be hosted by SportsmediaGB based in Livingston, Scotland.

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