Celebrating the Scott

With the cancellation of the oldest trial in the world which was planned by the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd for Saturday, 17th October, Trials Guru has decided to run this special tribute to the hardest and fastest of all one day national trials.

Only interrupted by world wars and the 2001 Foot & Mouth outbreak, the Scott Trial fell foul of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The organisers made the right decision to cancel the event which would have been a compromise situation. First and foremost, the consideration of the safety of the local community and the landowners was paramount.

Let us take a look back at recent and not so recent Scott Trials with the help of some of our friends, which include John Hulme of Trial Magazine, Nigel Pearson/Trials UK Media; Eric Kitchen, Blackie Holden IV; Barry Robinson, Mrs Ros Brown and Mrs Theresa Roads, plus of course the officials and riders who make the Scott Trial such a memorable annual event.

We sincerely hope that the Scott Trial will return in 2021…

… The atmosphere on the start field, provided by the local Wallis family for many years. The aroma of fresh bacon rolls fills the air on a crisp October morning!

Jack Price (Gas Gas), 2017
Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 2017

The late Councellor, John Blackie, an enthusiastic supporter of the Scott Trial and Official Starter for many years.

Former Scott Trial winner, Sammy Miller MBE and Nick Jefferies spotted at the Centenary 2014 event – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

The tension at the start line…

Scotsman, Gordon Murray from Evanton on his 300 Beta at the 2017 start line

Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 2014 watched by former winner Sammy Miller, these two men share the same birth date! – Photo: Mrs Ros Brown, Richmond

The 1967 Scott Trial in Yorkshire, winner Sammy Miller (105, EAA60D) about to pass a slower competitor to take the win – Photo courtesy and copyright: Blackburn Holden IV

The organisation for the Scott Trial is extensive each year

Each year the official programme raises money for the Scott Charities

The 2016 Scott Trial Charity Team (203) who rode to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer sufferers. From the left: Barry Roads; Kevin Hart; Ray Haslam; Roger Johns and Paul Anstey – Photo: Mrs. Theresa Roads.

1971 Scott Trial at ‘Orgate Splash’ followed by Malcolm Dennis – Photo: Rob Edwards Private Collection

Orgate is still used, here we see Andrew Anderson in 2017 on his Scorpa

The Scott has a long and enviable history, much oif it was displayed at the Centenary trial in 2014 – Photo: John Hulme/Trials Media/Trial Magazine UK

… The ‘Lampkin’ Connection – All three Lampkin brothers, Arthur (A.J.), Alan (A.R.C) and Martin (H.M) have won the prestigeous Scott Trial in their riding careers…

Martin Lampkin (SWM) during his winning Scott Trial ride in 1982 – Photo: Copyright, Barry Robinson

A.J. Lampkin and the late H.M Lampkin in conversation with Trials Guru’s John Moffat at the Scott Trial dinner in 2014 – Photo: John Hulme.

H. Martin Lampkin in 1978 on ‘Surrender’ – Photo Copyright, Studio Six Creative/Andrew Moorhouse.

Scott Trial action from 1966 winner, Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin in 1974 – Photo: Alan Lampkin Archive.

Scott Trial winner in 1974 on his factory 247 Montesa was the late Rob Edwards – Photo Copyright: Eric Kitchen

Rob Edwards looks pleased with himself at winning in 1974, congratulated by Mrs Marjory Rathmell, mother of Malcolm – Photo courtesy of the Rob Edwards Collection and the estate of the late Rob Edwards

Dougie Lampkin carried on the Lampkin connection by winning the Scott Trial multiple times – Photo: John Hulme

Fastest rider in 2011 and again in 2014, John R. Sunter (Montesa) at the finish in 2017 – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Winners all at the Centenary Scott Trial Dinner at the Ripon Spa Hotel in 2014 – Philip Alderson; Gerald Richardson; Rob Edwards; Jonathan Richardson; Nigel Birkett; Alan Lampkin; Dougie Lampkin; Martin Lampkin – Photo: John Moffat/Trials Guru

To the winners, the spoils!

Ian Austermuhle, a popular winner of the Scott Trial 2015, interviewed by Trials Guru representative, John Moffat – Photo copyright: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

2014 winner, James Dabill (Beta) with Trials Guru’s John Moffat – Photo: Nigel Pearson/Trials UK Media

The spirit of the Scott – Phil Alderson in action, a previous winner – Photo: John Hulme/trial Magazine

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One thought on “Celebrating the Scott”

  1. Been there 1972 250.Bultaco 6hrs 4mins beat Mick Grant he was 6hrs 6mins.not many can say they were faster than a TT rider.on a trials Bike.Jock.

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