Alan Morewood’s final section

Words: Trials Guru

Photos: Malcolm Carling; Eric Kitchen; Iain Lawrie

It is with sadness that we have to report on the passing of yet another well-known trials rider and sidecar driver, C. Alan Morewood from Sheffield on 24th August 2020 after a long illness.

The name Morewood always seemed to be associated with Ariel and indeed he was one of the very last riders to compete in the Scottish Six Days Trial on an HT500, way back in 1976 when the Selly Oak machines had long become museum pieces and their resurrenction in Pre’65 events was still five years distant. The last recorded ‘finisher’ on an Ariel was Scot, Ernie Page the very same year.

Alan Morewood on his 500cc Ariel in the 1984 Pre’65 Scottish Trial at Kinlochleven – Photo Copyright: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven.

Alan’s first SSDT ride was in 1957 on an Ariel and was awarded the famous P.S. Chamberlain Challenge Trophy for best first timer. He was entered under the Ilkeston & District MCC. Alan was also a noteable sidecar driver, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Merle, they had two trials riding sons, Robin and David.

The Morewoods were long-time members of Sheffield and Hallamshire MCC and both Alan and his wife spent many seasons following the FIM World Trials series, their motorhome becoming a fixture in the paddocks across Europe.

2 thoughts on “Alan Morewood’s final section”

  1. Hi I rode the SSDT in 1968 on ex Norman Edgar.250 Bultaco. it could have been the tuesday we had came across black water craigoonic gorge.heading to spean bridge.we came through the forest it was about 7 or 8 o’clock we had been delayed all day. In the semi dark in the forrest. Allan past me on his 500Ariel like a speedway rider.broadsiding it.frighting the life out of me.another trials rider away .I hope the big guy up there keeps sending my entry back for a while yet Jock.

  2. I remember him muscling the big Ariel round the 1979 SSDT, when I think I finished within a mark or two of him. Also as a proper gent on the local trials scene in South Yorkshire when I rode there late 70s/early 80s.

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