40 Over and Out

The Scott Trial is a test of man and machine, on observation and time. It is regardest as the toughest one day trial in the UK and to compete in it year after year takes committment.

Graham Tales at the 2016 Scott Trial at Orgate Falls – Photo Barry Robinson copyright.

One such Yorkshire man has taken part in the annual event 39 times and 2021 will be his final attempt at the famous event.

His name is Graham Tales from Ilkley, West Yorkshire and 2021 will be his fortieth and final Scott Trial.

A painter/decorator by trade, Graham still loves his trials but feels that 40 attempts at the Scott is plenty.

He has had quite an innings: Graham has 19 Scott spoons; 16 certificates; 2 mechanical retirements and twice outwith the time limit.

We wish Graham well in his fortieth Scott and hope to see him at the finish line on October 16th.

Main photo: Graham Tales (Photo: Barry Watson)