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Motorcycle Retro Replay Launched

A new magazine hits the sales stands today, entitled ‘Motorcycle Retro Replay’, it covers the golden age of sporting motorcycling from 1965 to 1985.

MRR - Issue 1 2018

With 131 pages of superb photographs, it is a must have for the enthusiast.

MRR is lavishly illustrated by photographs from the cameras of Don Morley; Brian Holder; Justyn Norek; Peter J Beardmore; Eric Kitchen; Toon van de Vliet; Nick Nicholls; Barry Robinson; Malcolm Carling and John Hulme. Many of the photographs have never been seen before.

Many riders and events are highlighted in this publication including the 1983 ISDE in Wales in which Sweden were victorious. There are many interesting machines featured in photographs that were taken at the time.

Available from CJ Publishing Ltd at £8.99 plus postage – check out the website at:



Trials & Error

Published by Simon & Schuster
17 May 2018 ǀ Hardback ǀ £20.00

When Dougie Lampkin was born, his father Martin had placed a motorcycle next to his cot before he returned from hospital – if anyone can say that they were destined for a career in motor biking it was him.

So far, nine members of the Lampkin family have competed at a high level of the sport, but it was Dougie who set new standards, winning seven consecutive outdoor world titles and five indoor world titles, earning him the MBE at the age of twenty-five.

Off-road motorcycling continues to grow in popularity, with more than 100,000 people taking part in the UK alone, and millions more following online or on television. In this superb memoir, Lampkin brings the excitement of his sport vividly to life.

He also shares the behind-the-scenes drama behind some of his most famous Red Bull challenges – such as the day he took his trials bike for a ride through Red Bull’s Formula One factory, with Christian Horner looking on in sheer amazement as he rode his bike over a multi-million-pound F1 car, leaving it without a scratch.

To date, some 10 million people have watched this episode on YouTube.
Trials and Error is a brilliant book that goes beyond the story behind trial biking, and the journey to becoming world champion – it is also a love letter to his family and community, to whom Dougie attributes his many successes.

About the author:

Dougie Lampkin MBE was born in Yorkshire in 1976 into a motor biking dynasty and became a professional trials and endurocross rider, winning five consecutive World Indoor titles (1997-2001) and seven consecutive World Outdoor championships (1997-2003). Since retiring from competition, he has worked with Red Bull on a series of high-profile events.