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German Trials now live on Trials Guru

Mick Andrews at the World Championships at Gefrees in 1975 on his factory OW11A Yamaha 250 mono-shock. Photo world-wide copyright, Rainer Heise

With collaboration and permission of Rainer Heise, Trials Guru brings you some fantastic images of trials in Germany, both of German national riders, like Helmut Stanik, Felix Krahnstover and also international class riders such as Rob Edwards, Martin Lampkin, Brian Higgins, Mick Andrews, Malcolm Rathmell, Yrjo Vesterinen and more. Some of these images were used by Trialsport DE the premier trials magazine in Germany. Images date from 1974 to 1977 with more to come from Rainer when time allows. We at Trials Guru are always wanting to hear from you of suggestions for more trials on the site.

Rainer Heise – Trials In Germany

Mick Andrews in Germany

Heise + Mick + Krahnst+¦ver
From the left: Rainer Heise; Mick Andrews & Felix Krahnstover – Photo: Kurt-Patrik Beckmann, Hanover.

Recently, Mick Andrews held a trials school near Celle, Lower Saxony near to Luneberg and Hanover in Germany for the local ‘Celler Trial Club’. Some old friends also showed up in support, none other than Felix Krahnstöver, former 10 times German national champion and Montesa and KTM factory rider.

Mick and Krahnst+¦ver exploring Heises Photos
Jill and Mick Andrews have a look at Rainer Heise’s photos with Felix Krahnstover. Photo: Kurt-Patrik Beckmann, Hanover.

Accompanied by Rainer Heise friend and trials rider and was the photographer of Fahrerlager (Paddock) and Trialsport magazine from the beginning of the 1970’s to 2000.

No longer competing, but still an enthusiast Krahnstöver is still dedicated to the local club. Felix is still selling and dealing in trials machines and was editor of Trialsport Deutschland when it began in 1977. The magazine is still going now run by Hans Greiner based in Freudenberg-Ebenheid.

Rainer, being an enthusiast of the sport and a keen photographer, brought along his fantastic photo album for Mick and the other enthusiasts to look at.

Looking at ex- 02
Two of Rainer Heise’s photos showing Malcolm Rathmell and Peter Gaunt back in the 1970’s. Photo: Kurt-Patrik Beckmann, Hanover Original photo images copyright: Rainer Heise, Celle, Germany.

Trials Guru has been in contact with Rainer Heise and shortly we will be featuring a selection of some of his work from the early 1970’s through to the 1990’s. So we have created a “Rainer Heise – Trials in Germany” page specially for this.

Link: Rainer Heise – Trials In Germany

Photos by Kurt-Patrik Beckmann, Hanover, Germany.