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Stephanie Wood dies at 71

Trials supporter, organiser, enthusiast and reporter, Stephanie Wood, one of few female presidents of the Yorkshire Centre A.C.U has died at age seventy-one years. She was appointed president in 1981 and was the daughter of Jack Wood, who started the well-known national trial in his name.

She had battled with cancer which had originated in the gall-bladder according to a family friend.

Stephanie was Motor Cycle News correspondent for South Yorkshire, North Wales and parts of Derbyshire and Lancashire. She covered road racing, trials and sand racing. She was an annual attender at the Scottish Six Days Trial from 1965 to 1997 and many times accompanied family friend, Ralph Venables the doyen of trials reporters.

Ms. Wood worked in quality control at Bassets Ltd at their Sheffield factory and lived at Holmfirth, Yorkshire for many years.

Her funeral details have been released as being at Grenoside Crematorium in Sheffield on Friday 10th June at 11.45 am with any donations to Cancer UK.