Sherco at the 2016 SSDT!

Sherco at the SSDT 2016

Sherco UK Importers will once again be in attendance at this year’s Scottish Six Days along with the factory Sherco truck which will be parked in its usual place in the Parc Ferme.  They will be providing their personal  service and back up to all Sherco riders.

MRS personnel Malcolm Rathmell and  Phil Hammond will be joined by David Sarras (Cabestany’s mechanic) and they will all be on hand to assist riders in any way needed to try to help them complete the week.  They will also be providing their usual catering service solely to Sherco listed riders so when you arrive back in the Parc Ferme after a cold day on the roads and moors you can be sure of some good hot soup, along with sandwiches, snacks, fruit and the usual famous doughnuts!

It is essential that to receive this service you have to register with MRS before 27th April with address, telephone number and card details.  Anyone not providing these details will not be able to enjoy the service Sherco give during the week.

You can contact MRS on 01423 772885


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