New Year Quiz

Guess the identity of the rider/modifier of this 340 Bultaco Sherpa!

Bultaco - SSDT

The photo was taken at the SSDT in the early eighties – yes we know which year, but do you know who the rider of this modified machine was?

Bultaco enthusiasts will straight away notice the larger alloy air-box, different mudguard stays, additional length mud-flap on the front mudguard, different tank filler cap, much modified clutch casing and operating arm location!

Answer added at foot of page: 31/12/2017

1977 SSDT prog rear cover - Bultaco advert

Answer: Walther Luft from Vienna modified this Bultaco Sherpa 340 in 1982, photo taken at the SSDT the same year by Ian Gibson, Newcastle.


5 thoughts on “New Year Quiz”

  1. Looking at the clutch it seems mounted in the same position of the puch engines! Is it possible? Happy new year Riccardo

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