The bike that Jack built – SSDT 2018

Munch 5

Jack Austin has put together a very smart tribute bike for this year’s Scottish Six Days Trial (May 7-12) paying homage to a former SSDT observer (SSDT Observer No.1 in fact) Micky ‘Munch’ Gallacher, who ran MSport in Stevenage up until his untimely death in 2016 aged 56 years.

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Jack takes up the story:

“I am pleased to have been accepted to ride in this year’s Scottish Six-Day Trials event.

The bike I will be riding will be a 260 Montesa 4RT which was purchased new from Micky Gallagher at MSport Trials Specialists – Micky being a long-time friend of my Father, Dave Austin and our family.

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Sadly when Micky passed away in March 2016, Micky had never seen me ride in the Scottish, albeit he and my Father “Big Dave” were always encouraging me to enter, once eligible. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate my First 2018 Scottish SSDT ride as a tribute, in memory of Micky, as he was a long-time SSDT Observer & Enthusiast of the event, as is my Father still today.

Munch 4

Also, I have – in true MSport Trials tradition – modified the standard bike to what it is today:

I have changed the wheels, modified the brakes, changed the plastics, designed my own graphics and upgraded many of the smaller components on the bike.

I would like to thank all my Sponsors in this years event:

– Theresa, Ross & Gemma Gallagher

– Lings Motorcycles, Harleston

– WM Engineering Services Ltd

– Grandparents: Phyllis & Sid Austin (sadly no longer with us)

– My Parents & Family: David, Amanda & Brother George

– Austin Uncles: Stuart & Clive – who are my ‘2018 SSDT Pit-Crew’ – “Team Big-Dave”.

  • Jack Austin, 2018 SSDT Rider: 61

Montesa logo

More on Micky ‘Munch’ Gallagher

4 thoughts on “The bike that Jack built – SSDT 2018”

  1. Looks to nice to throw at rocks ! ,see you in Scotland will bring bale string and gaffer tape for midweek ,a ll the best Andy (duff) Dowsett

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