Revamp complete!

We have recently undertaken to rebrand (if that is the correct phrase) Trials Guru to reflect what it really is… ‘It’s All About Motorcycle Trials’.


Taking note of comments from our readers and followers, we also decided that the menu banner at the top of the page had become rather too busy and confusing, so we have introduced a simpler format with fewer titles and some drop down menus from the headings which are:

Stand-alone headings: Index; Coming Next!; About: Trials Guru; Useful Links; Contact;

Drop-down headings: Photographers; Riders; Major Events; Features; Regional Sport & Manufacturers.

The ‘Index’ facility is proving really popular.

Hopefully this will enhance your Trials Guru experience and enable you to find articles, features and all sorts of trials information easier and quicker than before, especially if using a mobile device.

Trials Guru – Dedicated to the Sport!

TG Logo 2

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