New title for Trials Guru

After four years of Trials Guru on the web, we have decided to change our headline slogan from “Photos from the sport of trials” to something more aligned with what Trials Guru is about… “It’s All About Motorcycle Trials” and that of course includes electric trials as they have a ‘motor’.

Still Trials Guru, the independent, not for profit website which is recording the history of the sport from the start to the current day.

Trials Guru, made by trials riders and enthusiasts, for trials riders and enthusiasts!


2 thoughts on “New title for Trials Guru”

  1. While you are refining this wonderful web site, have you given any thought to simplifying the menu bar as it takes up so much space that you have to scroll down to see the content. …. and there is some fantastic content here. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Rob, we were just about to work on that, check back as we have now made some changes to the menus.

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