Rob Edwards 1945 – 2019

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of former factory Cotton and Montesa trials rider, Rob Edwards at the age of 73 years. He slipped away peacefully in the afternoon of Sunday 6th October 2019.

His widow, Bev was at his side and she told Trials Guru’s John Moffat that he “… smiled and was happy right to the end”. This is a fitting tribute to a man who won the hearts of trials enthusiasts the world over.

Born in Thornaby-On-Tees in December 1945, his father was a trials enthusiast and Rob’s great ambition as a small boy was to become a professional trials rider, which he achieved in 1969 when he signed a contract to ride for Montesa, the Spanish motorcycle manufacturer. Edwards became the world-wide brand ambassador and was a pioneer of ‘trials schools’ which also assisted in the promotion of the Montesa Cota trials machine.

Rob’s life as a professional trials rider was told exclusively to Trials Guru in 2014, but it almost didn’t happen.

John Moffat explains: “Having known Rob for quite a few years, I met up with him and Bev at the 2014 Centenary Scott Trial and suggested that we did his life story on this website. Rob said that no-one would be interested, to which I replied that he was totally wrong as many people were eager to read about his career. Within a few days after the event, we started exchanging e-mails at a rapid rate, accumulating all the information, facts, figures and anicdotes to compile the ‘Rob Edward’s Story’ on Trials Guru. I am really glad we Rob’s story as it was all in his own words and recollections and will remain online to preserve his memory for future generations of trials enthusiasts.”

Rob Edward’s funeral will taken place on Monday 21st October 2019 at 11.45 am at St Hilda’s Chapel, Teesside Crematorium, Acklam Road, Middlesbrough TS5 7HD. Donations in aid of charities will be taken for Richmond Motor Club (Yorks) Ltd.

1981 - Scott - Rock Garden - Barry Robinson
The 1981 Scott at ‘Rock Garden’ section on the 200cc Montesa – Photo: Barry Robinson

Trials Guru conveys sincere condolences to Rob’s widow, Bev Edwards at this difficult time. It is thankful that we were privileged to be able to showcase Rob Edward’s story to the world during his lifetime, something that brought him great pleasure knowing he had so many followers of his career in the sport of trials world-wide.

Barry Robinson Photomon 050560
Rob Edwards relaxes in 1981 at the end of the Scott Trial – Photo Copyright: Barry Robinson

The full story of Rob Edwards life as a trials rider can be found HERE

Main photo: Copyright Eric Kitchen

1971 SSDT - Laggan Locks
1971 – SSDT – ‘Laggan Locks’ – Photo: Rob Edwards Private Collection

7 thoughts on “Rob Edwards 1945 – 2019”

  1. What a amazing man helped me so much at the start of my bikeing career he was one in a million Rip Andy

  2. Yes it was very sad to hear of the of the passing of Rob like Big John I knew him a long time I road with him at SSDT and he was always ready to help you if he could telling you right way to go at sections.when he rode his Triumph Twin at the Pre 65. it give me the idea to build one.which l did I rode it at the pre 65. and in Yorkshire.and would get plenty encouragement from Rob.a real nice guy alway a smile and time for a chat RIP.Jock.

  3. Please John give my condolences to Rob Edwards family
    As you know I knew a Rob Edwards in a trial school in Madrid and Rob was for everybody as a close friend, he was a Gentleman of the Trial and a great trial rider.
    Rest in pace

  4. So sad, Rob was a smashing bloke, I remember Rob from his Cotton days I also had a Cotton back then but not a works bike, and then his Montesa days what a fantastic rider, when I worked in Guisborough Rob would often call for a bit chat, RIP Rob.

  5. We used to ride regularly with Rob near Sheepwash Osmotherly he was always smiling and ready to help young riders
    He will be sorely missed RIP. Bob

  6. I used to love going to his shop & looking around the bikes, he always had time to talk to me i was only a young lad at the time, but he was a great guy, bless you Rob

  7. Very sad to know about Rob passing.
    He did a lot to make Montesa image strong. He was one of my heroes. He will be missed.

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