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Trials world shocked by death of ‘Munch’

Munch - Dave Austin
Friend, Dave Austin (left) with Mick Gallagher ‘Munch’ taken recently.

With respect, a short tribute to Michael Thomas ‘Munch’ Gallacher

1959 – 2016

The trials world was stunned by the news that Mick ‘Munch’ Gallagher had died suddenly on Wednesday, 16th March, aged 56. It is believed that he was playing a game of football and took unwell. Paramedics were called but were unable to revive him.

Known as ‘Mick’, ‘Micky’ or ‘Munch’ to his many friends and customers, he built up a business called M-Sport in Stevenage, Hertfordshire specialising in Montesa 4RT preparation and repairs.

Mick had been a Montesa dealer at the time of the model’s initial importation to the UK in 2005 and had carefully researched how these advanced and technical machines were built and rapidly amassed a great deal of knowledge on the brand.

Munch became the go-to man when riders encountered a problem with a 4RT. After the closure of the original Montesa UK importer in 2009 and for a period of time the non availability of machines, Mick became an independent dealer/repairer of the 4RT, but also had agencies with other brands, being a trials only retailer.

Gallagher was a regular official observer at the annual Scottish Six Days Trial and was known as a fair, but firm observer who understood the rules of the event and marked riders on what he saw, irrespective of their ability or stature. He wore his SSDT observer number-one bib with pride and was usually in the teams consisting of friends, Fred Savage, Mark Maynell and the Austin brothers, Dave and Clive.

Mick regularly was a ‘back-marker’ at the Pre’65 Scottish, ensuring that sections were closed on time and any stragglers accounted for.

Munch also had a long association with the famous Scott Trial in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, helping the event on numerous occasions as an official. He also enjoyed his outings with friend Fred Savage up to Mid Wales and Shropshire for trials events.

The funeral arrangements will be a celebration of Mick’s life with a humanist service at Harwood Park Crematorium at Stevenage, Hertfordshire on Tuesday 12th April at 2.45 pm, thereafter friends and family will gather at the Orange Tree, Baldock. Family flowers only with donations to the local air ambulance service.


Munch 4RT at FtW
Munch’s personal Montesa 4RT pictured at Fort William, we are posting this as the rider-less machine at rest, as our tribute to Mick Gallagher.
John Moffat: “Munch was a very good friend who I trusted 100% not only when it came to doing work on my bikes, but in everything he undertook. He will be a great loss to his customers of MSport. I got to know Mick in 2000 at the SSDT and he was a very keen supporter of trials sport in general. I know we call this website Trials Guru, but Munch was truly the ‘4RT Guru’. Mick was full of fun and always up for a good laugh when the opportunity arose. He and I had many phone conversations over the years. Munch was a decent, knowledgeable and warm human being who will be sorely missed by all who knew him”.


Straw - James Maynell
‘Munch’ in his having a laugh mode at the 2013 SSDT – Photo: James Maynell

Trials Guru sends its heartfelt condolences to Munch’s family, his widow Theresa, daughter Jemma and son Ross.


Mick Gallagher’s MSport business trading logo



The Man they call ‘MUNCH’ – MSPORT

When Honda/Montesa launched their new to market 4RT (Four-Stroke Racing Trial) model in 2004, there was one southern English trials dealer who was particularly taken by the new fuel-injected trials machine from Montesa.

Based in Bedfordshire and with a background in the motor trade on the technical side, Mick Gallagher decided that he would find out as much as he could about the seemingly complex machine.

Mick or ‘Munch’ as he is universally known in the trials world, had been in touch with the then Montesa UK importers, Jim Sandiford Imports Ltd in Bury, Lancashire and a dealership was agreed.

The new model was brought into the UK in time for the 2005 trials season and had been rigorously tested in the previous year’s Scott Trial by factory development rider, Amos Bilbao. No apparent problems were encountered even although sceptics wondered how all that electronic wizardry would stand up to inclement UK weather, but it did, and still does!

The Montesa 4RT uses the PGM F1 fuel injected technology taken straight from Honda’s Fireblade, except it manages one cylinder instead of four. Munch began collecting as much data as he possibly could from a variety of sources and soon established himself as the oracle on the 4RT.

Over the period 2005 until 2009 when Sandifords were still importers, many riders purchased their machines from MSPORT, Munch’s dealership. Many had their bikes breathed upon for increased performance or even just detailing.

Munch himself a trials rider, on Montesa 4RT of course and each year has a week’s holiday at Fort William where he is one of the 30 strong observing groups of officials at the annual Scottish Six Days Trial.

In late 2009 the importership of Montesa was transferred to Pidcock Motorcycles, who sold direct to market and did not operate a dealer network. This didn’t upset Munch too much, for by now more and more riders were seeking him out to repair their now ageing machines and saw what improvements were possible over the standard product from Montesa. MSPORT became an independent dealer, but specialising in 4RT models and this is what they do to this day. This is a common feature of the motor trade with franchise official dealers and those who are classed as independent but use genuine parts for repair or if the customer has a restricted budget some aftermarket or non-OEM parts.

Either way, it’s the build up of knowledge over that past 10 years on this particular model of trials bike that sets Munch and MSPORT apart and still keeps the Bedfordshire dealership buzzing.

MSPORT are 100% independent and can upgrade a customers 4RT bike to M-Spec using many innovative parts, sourced from all over Europe.

MSPORT are always keen to hear of someone who is selling a 4RT or is looking to buy a new or newer model. Whether it be a decal set or a complete motor tune or re-map or suspension upgrade, Munch is your man!


This Trials Guru article was written on April, 3rd 2014.

Sadly, Mick ‘Munch’ Gallagher died on the evening of 16th March 2016 having suffered a cardiac arrest while playing five-a-side football. The Trials world is poorer as a result of our good friend’s passing.

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