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Ulf Karlson – Montesa ace!

Something different for Trials Guru readers. We occasionally collaborate with other trials enthusiasts and here is something special for you.

Ulf Karlson on ‘Pipeline’ in the 1975 Scottish Six Days Trial – Photo copyright: Rainer Heise/TRIALSPORT

Not a lot has been written about the 1980 FIM World Trials Champion, Swede, Ulf Karlson. However that has changed recently when James Brown of the ‘retrotrials.com’ website went across the sea to Sweden to interview Ulf at his home.

Read about the quiet man of trials who let his results do the talking for him.

Ulf Karlson captured by Rainer Heise/TRIALSPORT in 1975 at the SSDT

Karlson was faithful to the Montesa brand throughout his career.

Read about his achievements and what happened to him when he disappeared from the trials scene.

World Championship action in 1976 at Gefrees, Germany – Photo copyright: Rainer Heise/TRIALSPORT

Ulf Karlson’s story is exclusive to retrotrials.com, read the Ulf Karlson interview: HERE