Scott Trial Time!

2015 -Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas 300) – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

The Scott Trial 2016 plans are well advanced by the Scott Trial committee and Clerk of Course, Paul Robinson and his team of course markers. This year marks the twenty five years since the Richmond Motor Club took over the organisation of the famous event on behalf of the Yorkshire Centre ACU, except for 2001 when the UK ‘Foot & Mouth’ outbreak stopped all motorcycle activity nationwide.

An early start, the event is on Saturday, 22nd October near to Marske, Richmond at Feldom Lane – Sat/Nav postcode: DL11 7LS.

The Scott Trial 2016 Official Souvenir Programme, priced at £5.00 is packed with information and features and is a ‘must have’ for the event on 22nd October.

Official programmes went on sale, pre-trial on Monday 9th October by post and through the local retail outlets and reports indicate that they are selling fast – but don’t worry – there will be plentiful supplies available on Saturday at the start car park. This has been undertaken by the friendly Programme team, led by Mrs Vera Watson and Barbara Walker, who will happily collect your £5 in exchange for a copy. Remember all programme sales generated go to the local Scott Charities!
The official souvenir programme is 92 pages packed with information and articles for the event. There are important notices included, so please be sure to read them before you set out on your spectating day.

If you don’t know where to watch… get the programme! Scott Trial stalwart and former clerk of course, Bruce Storr has again compiled his annual suggested daily plans of which there are four choices, for your maximum spectating benefit on page 80.
The rider’s list is now situated right at the back for easy reference on pages 84-87 with the route planner on page 81 and the key to section map on pages 82-83.

The first rider and first timer, James Edwards from Hatfield will set off the start ramp on his Fantic twin-shock, enthusiastically flagged away by Richmondshire District Council leader, John Blackie at 09.00.00 with following riders leaving at twenty second intervals or three riders per minute if you prefer.
James Fry will be last away at 10.06.20 and the first rider will appear back at the finish field around the 3.00pm. The finish time is an estimate of course as it all depends on a variety of factors, the weather being just one of them.

It’s not all over until…. the Charity Auction takes place at the Richmondshire Cricket Club and of course the presentation of awards which this year sees Alan Lampkin hand over the prizes, as the guest of the event who just happened to win the Scott Trial a mere fifty years ago.

No-one knows who has won The Scott until the announcer states who the recipient of the Alfred A. Scott trophy is at around 10.30 pm on Saturday night. Free admission, all welcome!

So see you at the Scott Trial!

The Scott Trial on Trials Guru click: HERE

Local rider, Richard Sadler (Beta) – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

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