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Scott Trial Time!

2015 -Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas 300) – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

The Scott Trial 2016 plans are well advanced by the Scott Trial committee and Clerk of Course, Paul Robinson and his team of course markers. This year marks the twenty five years since the Richmond Motor Club took over the organisation of the famous event on behalf of the Yorkshire Centre ACU, except for 2001 when the UK ‘Foot & Mouth’ outbreak stopped all motorcycle activity nationwide.

An early start, the event is on Saturday, 22nd October near to Marske, Richmond at Feldom Lane – Sat/Nav postcode: DL11 7LS.

The Scott Trial 2016 Official Souvenir Programme, priced at £5.00 is packed with information and features and is a ‘must have’ for the event on 22nd October.

Official programmes went on sale, pre-trial on Monday 9th October by post and through the local retail outlets and reports indicate that they are selling fast – but don’t worry – there will be plentiful supplies available on Saturday at the start car park. This has been undertaken by the friendly Programme team, led by Mrs Vera Watson and Barbara Walker, who will happily collect your £5 in exchange for a copy. Remember all programme sales generated go to the local Scott Charities!
The official souvenir programme is 92 pages packed with information and articles for the event. There are important notices included, so please be sure to read them before you set out on your spectating day.

If you don’t know where to watch… get the programme! Scott Trial stalwart and former clerk of course, Bruce Storr has again compiled his annual suggested daily plans of which there are four choices, for your maximum spectating benefit on page 80.
The rider’s list is now situated right at the back for easy reference on pages 84-87 with the route planner on page 81 and the key to section map on pages 82-83.

The first rider and first timer, James Edwards from Hatfield will set off the start ramp on his Fantic twin-shock, enthusiastically flagged away by Richmondshire District Council leader, John Blackie at 09.00.00 with following riders leaving at twenty second intervals or three riders per minute if you prefer.
James Fry will be last away at 10.06.20 and the first rider will appear back at the finish field around the 3.00pm. The finish time is an estimate of course as it all depends on a variety of factors, the weather being just one of them.

It’s not all over until…. the Charity Auction takes place at the Richmondshire Cricket Club and of course the presentation of awards which this year sees Alan Lampkin hand over the prizes, as the guest of the event who just happened to win the Scott Trial a mere fifty years ago.

No-one knows who has won The Scott until the announcer states who the recipient of the Alfred A. Scott trophy is at around 10.30 pm on Saturday night. Free admission, all welcome!

So see you at the Scott Trial!

The Scott Trial on Trials Guru click: HERE

Local rider, Richard Sadler (Beta) – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Coming soon- Gary Mac

Coming soon only on Trials Guru, the story of the most successful Scottish Trials rider of all time, Gary Macdonald.

Read about the Kinlochleven lad who practiced hard and took on the best rider’s in Britain and the world – only on Trials Guru.


Gary Macdonald - Youth
Gary Macdonald from Kinlochleven is without question, the most successful Scottish trials rider of all time, having won more Scottish trials championships than everyone else and a British title!

Guy Martin rides Pre’65 Scottish in 2016


Guy Martin, star of the film ‘TT3D – Closer To The Edge’ and various television series is to ride a 350cc Ariel in the 2016 Pre’65 Scottish Trial on Friday 29th and Saturday, 30th April, 2016. He will also undertake duties as the official guest of honour for the event which takes place around the village and hillsides of Kinlochleven, Argyll.

Trials Guru’s John Moffat (left) with Guy Martin (centre) and George McCann at the Bon Accord Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford in 2011 where he was guest of honour – Photo copyright: Jean Moffat/Moffat Racing

The Pre’65 trial secretary, Anne Gordon added: ‘We are delighted to announce that Guy Martin, Motorcycle Racer and TV star has agreed to be Guest of Honour for the 2016 event and has also entered the trial to try his hand at Pre’65 trials riding. It is a great honour for us to have him at the trial and we would like to thank Simon Sharp and Owen Hardisty at Hope Technology (our Saturday Day Sponsors) for helping us to get Guy to the event after we approached them at last year’s SSDT. We are really excited to have such a celebrity at our event and hope he enjoys taking part. I don’t think there will be many people who have not heard of Guy, as he is well-known through his very illustrious motorcycle racing career as well as his many film and television shows that have us all enthralled with his very hands on and down to earth approach’.

The Pre’65 Scottish is always massively oversubscribed with over 150 potential entrants disappointed at not getting through the inevitable ballot of competitors. However it should be clarified that Hope Technology are the event sponsors and as such, are entitled to what is effectively a ‘wild-card’ reserved entry as part of their sponsorship deal, which in this case has been granted to Guy Martin for 2016. The appearance of Guy Martin at this event, both as a rider and guest of honour can only be good for the sport of trials and the ever supportive inhabitants of the town of Kinlochleven.

Owen Hardisty and Guy Martin - Photo
Guy Martin picks up his 350 Ariel that he will use in the 2016 Pre’65 Scottish Two-Day Trial on 29/30 April from Hope Technology’s designer Owen Hardisty – Photo courtesy of Hope Technology.

Who is Guy Martin?

Born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England in November 1981, Guy was the central racing character when supported by the Irish-based Wilson Craig Honda team in the docu-movie, ‘TT3D – Closer to the Edge’ which was filmed during the 2010 TT races and screened in 2011. This set Martin on the road to a lucrative television career having competed for many years at the Isle of Man TT with success, but so far no outright TT win to his credit. He has ridden for AIM Yamaha, Relentless/Tyco Suzuki and Hydrex Honda teams in the past.

Martin is interested in all things mechanical, his main occupation is an HGV mechanic with an independent truck company in Grimsby Lincolnshire, which specialises in the maintenance of Scania trucks. His father Ian who also ran a similar business is also a former motorcycle road racer who retired from racing in 1988 after an accident at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount.

Martin has been the central character in several television documentaries which has taken him half way around the globe to India and most recently to Latvia in a Chanel Four production in which he retraced the life of his late maternal grandfather, Zanus ‘Walter’ Kidals in the war-torn Baltic state of Latvia which saw occupation by both German and Russian troops in the second world conflict. His grandfather was a displaced person known as ‘DP’ arriving via Hull where he met an English girl, married, settled and worked in Britain.

By coincidence, the town of Kinlochleven saw many DPs, like Martin’s grandfather; arrive from war-torn Europe and the Balcan states of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania as there was work available at the North British Aluminium Company smelter in Kinlochleven. One such man was Lithuanian born Paul Kilbauskas, who arrived in 1947 and found employment at the aluminium works and with co-worker and friend Ian Pollock discovered the many paths and sections that are still used by both the Pre’65 and Scottish Six Days events that make use of the Leven Valley in early May. Kilbauskas later became a ‘Tunnel Tiger’ working on the large hydro-electric schemes in the Scottish Highlands.

Guy has harboured a desire to compete in Pre’65 trials since 2011, but television and racing commitments rendered it a ‘back-burner’ for a few years.

The Pre’65 committee having secured sponsorship with Hope Technology which has an association with Guy through his interest in mountain bikes and eventually Simon Sharp and Owen Hardisty made the approach to see if Martin would be Guest of Honour at the annual event, now in its thirty second year.

Guy Martin has turned his skilled hands to many things in front of camera, including a two-year restoration of a Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft which had been buried in a French beach since the second world war; a rebuild of a narrow-boat called ‘Reckless’ and much more; including riding a hydroplane motocross bike across a lake and setting a speed record for a pedal-cycle. He was even fortunate enough to be allowed to work on the last flying Vulcan bomber aircraft XH558 during preparations for its final flight in 2015.

Guy’s Ariel:

On loan specially for the Pre’65 Scottish Guy will be riding a 350cc Ariel HT3 which used to belong to Lancastrian ace, Chris Gascoigne who campaigned the machine for many years and has been a winner in Chris’s hands many times over.

Added attractions for the 2016 Pre’65 Scottish from 1966:

1967 Programme
The 1967 SSDT programme cover featured the 1966 winner, Alan Lampkin on his factory BSA 748MOE

There will also be an appearance of the 1966 Scottish Six Days winning BSA C15T of Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin. Registered as 748MOE, it will be ridden in the Pre’65 by Alan’s son, James Lampkin to celebrate 50 years since Sid’s SSDT victory on the very last British four-stoke machine to win the Highland classic. This will be James Lampkin’s first pre’65 Scottish although he has competed in the SSDT for many years.

James Lampkin: “Dad realised that it would be 50 years since the BSA won the Scottish in 1966 after he bought the bike back again in October 2014. It is very original having passed through quite a few owners since it was sold off in 1967. Although he doesn’t ride trials himself anymore, he was very pleased when I agreed to enter on the BSA. I’m really looking forward to it”.

Sid - JOM - John hulme credit
1966 SSDT winner, A.R.C. ‘Sid’ Lampkin seen here with John Moffat (Trials Guru) in November 2014. James Lampkin is visible on the left of the photo – Photo courtesy: John Hulme/Trial Magazine.

Scott Trial Page on Trials Guru

Dedicated to the hardest motorcycle trial riders can take part in, the Scott is regarded as an annual classic. One route for all, fastest rider sets standard time. All in the Swaledale, North Yorkshire.

So, This is Yorkshire!

Ben Hemmingway - 2015

The Scott Trial page is now live on Trials Guru

Scott Trial on Trials Guru

Scott Trial 2015 – Trial Guru’s view!

DSC_7339 (Small)
Early morning shot of Trials Guru’s John Moffat interviewing Richmondshire District Council’s leader, John Blackie, an enthusiastic supporter of the Scott at the start line. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

Well what can I say? The Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd have excelled themselves once again by promoting what has got to be the best and most popular trials event in the UK calendar, the Scott Trial.

Finish line chat with Alexz Wigg who was second overall, a fine result. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

Trials Guru was there in the form of John Moffat who acted as start and finish field commentator, keeping the spectators and supporters informed, rider comments both at the start and finish and of course acted as auctioneer for the Scott Charity Auction on the Saturday night at the Richmondshire Cricket Club pavilion in the town. Over two thousand pounds was raised on the evening alone.

Moffat on the microphone, auctions off Adam Raga’s one piece trials suit – Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

Ian Austermuhle was a popular winner and at the presentation he spoke highly of the club and John Lampkin of Beta UK for all the support he has had from the Silsden based importer.

Moffat had a pre-trial dinner on the Friday night, in the company of Trial Magazine’s John Hulme, Gas Gas UK importer, John Shirt and Scott winner (2012), Michael Brown at a local restaurant and it was a very informative evening indeed. It is quite different to have access to people at the centre of the sport in an informal manner and much was learned about the intricate workings of the sport from the in-depth conversations that took place that evening.

DSC_8094 (Small)
Top men! Alexz Wigg, (Gas Gas) on the left, was runner up to Scott Trial winner 2015, Ian Austermuhle (Beta). Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK.

The trial itself was run in near to perfect conditions the course being covered very quickly by the top riders and it came as no surprise that local rider, Jonathan Richardson was first home to set standard time, the bench-mark from which all other riders lost marks accordingly.

DSC_7818 (Small)
Seventh place man, Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) shares a joke with Runner-up, Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) before they head off for a well-deserved pint after finishing the Scott. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK.

The Scott committee ensure that strictly no-one is aware who sets standard time and who has lost what, on observation until the results are read out in reverse order at the presentation.

It was Austermuhle that looked confident at the finish. Richardson doubted that he had saved sufficient marks for a repeat of his 2011 victory.

Local rider, Jonathan Richardson (Beta) from Skeeby set fastest time, but had to settle for a fourth place overall. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK.

Doug Lampkin, always the 100% professional blamed himself for the mistakes made when interviewed by Moffat at the finish line.

DSC_7665 (Small)
Doug Lampkin (Vertigo) seen here at Whaw Bridge, came home in a fine third place, the lowest scorer on observation. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

John Sunter was well up on time, but knew he wasn’t fastest man as he was in the previous year.

James Dabill rode straight through the finish enclosure, spoke to no-one and promptly put the factory Vertigo straight in the van, walking briskly back to the Secretary, Diane Horner’s office, to hand back his riding bib without a word. It was a disappointing day at the office for Dabill finishing a lack-luster thirteen place overall. James would not be happy at that.

But it was a smiling Austermuhle that hoisted the Alfred A. Scott memorial trophy aloft on the Saturday night to much applause and cheering by the knowledgeable crowd who filled the Cricket Club in Richmond, victory after nineteen years of trying was finally his.

DSC_7810 (Small)
A happy winner, Ian Austermuhle gives Trials Guru the low down on his Scott Trial day. Photo credit: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

All we can say is, roll on Scott Trial 2016.

Scott Trial 2015 Top Ten results –

Winner: Ian Austermuhle – Time: 3 Observation: 39 Total: 42

Runner-Up: Alexz Wigg – Time: 6 Observation: 40 Total: 46

Third: Dougie Lampkin – Time: 24 Observation: 25 Total: 49

4th – Jonathan Richardson – Time: 0 Observation: 61 Total: 61

5th – Ross Danby – Time: 19 Observation: 43 Total: 62

6th – Richard Sadler – Time: 20 Observation: 45 Total: 65

7th – Sam Haslam – Time: 7 Observation: 62 Total: 69

8th – Jack Price – Time: 23 Observation: 47 Total: 70

9th – Iwan Roberts – Time: 26 Observation: 58 Total: 84

10th – Guy Kendrew – Time: 20 Observation: 64 Total: 84

Scott Trial 2015 – Charity Auction gathers pace

For those who don’t know, The Scott Trial 2015 Charity Auction, to be held on the evening of the trial on Saturday 17th October at Richmondshire Cricket Club prior to the results and awards presentation.

Scott Trial Logo


Adam Raga’s one piece riding suit from John Hulme – Trial Magazine UK  http://www.trialmaguk.com

Albert Cabestany’s one piece riding suit from John Hulme – Trial Magazine UK  http://www.trialmaguk.com

Airoh Helmet signed by World Champion Emma Bristow – Malcolm Rathmell Sport, Bishop Thornton, Harrogate   http://www.mrsltd.co.uk

Pair of Gaerne Trials Boots – AG Bikes, Low Row   http://www.agbikes.co.uk

Signed Photo of James Dabill – Neil Sturgeon Photography

Handlebars, grips and glue from Apico   http://www.apico.co.uk

Coving for one room from Bruce Storr, NMC-Copley, Leyburn   http://www.copleydecor.co.uk

Meal for two from The Buck Hotel, Reeth   http://www.buckhotel.co.uk

Galvanised Sign Hanger from Nigel Cummins – MC Products Ironcraft http://www.mcproductsironcraft.co.uk

Roberts Classis DAB digital portable radio – Jon Gamble, Thompsons Electrical, Leyburn

Putoline Pit Mat – Putoline Motorcycle Oils   http://www.putoline.co.uk

Meal for two – The Farmers Arms, Muker     http://www.farmersarmsmuker.co.uk

Oils – Smith & Allan, Darlington      http://www.smithandallan.com

We have other items to follow kindly pledged by:

John Lampkin Beta UK, Silsden  http://www.beta-uk.com

John Shirt – Trial Enduro Direct/Gas Gas Motos Ltd, Buxton   http://www.trialendurodirect.com    http://www.gasgasuk.com

Andy Greig – Trials Central   http://www.trialscentral.com

Nigel Birkett – Birkett Motosport, Broughton-in-Furness     http://www.birkettmotosportukltd.co.uk

Nige Pearson – Trials UK, Horsforth, Leeds    http://www.trialsuk.co.uk

Paul Sadler – Acklams Beta, Harrogate    http://www.acklamsbeta.co.uk

Jewsons of Richmond, N Yorks      http://www.jewson.co.uk

Tennants of  Leyburn       http://www.tennantsgardenrooms.com     http://www.tennants.co.uk

The Scott Trial committee would like to thank the generous sponsors and supporters of the trial for their donations.

If you would like to donate to the charity auction, please contact Ros or Andrew G. Brown

tel: 01748 886356 OR EMAIL secretary@richmondmotorclub.com

The ‘Scott Trial’ logo is only to be used with permission of Richmond Motor Club (Yorks) Ltd and is a trade mark of the club.

Scott Trial 2015 – Programme

Scott 2015 Front cover
The 2015 Scott Trial Programme features James Dabill who won the Centenary Scott in 2014 – Photo credit Joe Burn.

Here is a very special preview of the much awaited 2015 Scott Trial Programme, which this year, is again a full colour edition.

Programme Editor, Julia Robinson would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in any way over the last five years, as she retires from the Scott Trial Programme Editor Role.

Programmes will be available from the usual outlets from the 3rd of October – Richmond Petrol Stations; Richmond Garage Services; The Food Weighhouse; Cross Lanes Stores; Smith and Allan in Darlington; Piercebridge Farm Shop and the usual Reeth outlets for £5.

You can also order now by emailing Julia at: scotttrial100@gmail.com (£6.50 including postage).

Profits, as usual will go to The Scott Charities.

Cover Photo Credit: Joe Burn

Five minutes with Julia – Scott Trial 2015

Julia Robinson
Julia Robinson enjoys a nice glass of wine after completing her fifth Scott Trial programme. Photo: Laura Robinson, Richmond.

Trials Guru met up with Julia Robinson, the editor of the Scott Trial programme for the past five years.

Trials Guru: OK Julia, how did you first get involved with the Scott Trial, who asked you and how did you find the time to do it?

“My husband Paul, a trials rider joined the Scott Trial Committee in 2010 and duly went to his first meeting, when he came home he looked a little sheepish “what have you volunteered for?” I asked. “Nothing” comes his reply “I have volunteered YOU to do the programme, don’t worry, you can still observe and really there’s nothing to it!”

I didn’t think that after my first two full days of trying to make the all the wording fit round Eric Kitchen’s perfect photograph of James Dabill, that front cover was definitely the hardest of all.

That first year in 2011 was definitely tough work, Bernadette Tennant and Barbara Walker, my predecessors, helped me stay afloat with advice and encouragement, it’s always good to have the experience of others, they give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

I’ve said many times in my five programmes that it was and remains an honour to be involved in the Scott Trial, with its huge band of volunteers and the Scott trial Committee who work tirelessly to put on the event. As a family it fills us with pride as my late father-in-law would have been so proud of us all, The Scott is like a good glass of ‘prosecco’, you always want a bit more!

I have been honoured to share some great stories with our bright future riders, world champions and Past stalwarts of the sport of trials, its such a buzz when your Inbox has names like Sammy Miller and Dougie Lampkin popping up. Letting everyone read their experiences, pain and endurance is the icing on the cake. Also working with some of the best photographers, not just the traditional names  but others who have just shown a natural talent for taking trial photographs like John and Sylvia at Digital Swaledale and Joe Burn whose fantastic photograph is on the front cover.

Working with all these riders, photographers and also those that advertise is just so rewarding, you are always thinking about those who have collected the Scott programme from the year dot, you want each years to be fresh but still traditional, it is a hard but fulfilling task.

The time I have spent has always been fun (except the last two weeks to deadline). But when you see that final proof and share it with those who are Scott specialists, it just fills you with pride.

Unfortunately though it is now just a time thing, I have a new day job that is very busy and is mainly thanks to The Scott as it is in charity work, which is also rewarding but demanding. It is just the right time to hand over the reins and give someone else the chance to taste and share Scott History!

Julia Robinson - Scott Trial
Julia Robinson at the Scott Trial – Photo copyright: Sylvia Slavin ARPS http://www.digitalswaledale.com

Trials Guru: Many thanks to you Julia for taking time out to talk to us and we all wish you all the best in your new day job and thanks for the effort you have put in over the last five years to the famous Scott Trial programme, a publication that is always sold out and highly sought after by trials enthusiasts the world over.