Schreiber goes back to new school

Bernie Schreiber'80 Pipeline
1979 World Champion, Bernie Schreiber (325 Bultaco) on Pipeline in the 1980 Scottish Six Days – © – Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven.

1979 World Trials Champion and the 1982 winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial, Bernie Schreiber has returned to the trials school arena with the launch of the ‘Schreiber Experience’ at Alvie Estate in the Scottish Highlands, some 37 years after his historic win, which is only seventy miles from where he claimed his victory.

bs - ssdt 1982 - giulio mauri - fontsere
Photo: Giulio Mauri

Schreiber is the only American to win the SSDT in its 108 year history and the only American born winner of the World Trials crown of which he was victorious on a Bultaco.

zerobs experience v1 facebook launch 10-01 - jpeg

Bernie will run his ZER(O)BS coaching and training Experience in conjunction with the Inverness & District MCC Ltd, who promote the annual Highland Classic 2 day Trial on the Alvie shooting estate at Kincraig, a few miles south of the holiday town of Aviemore. The date set is Monday 10th June, 2019.

The training will be run over a full day which includes a classroom session and some on bike time and will be run under an SACU training permit, with guest coach Allister Stewart, Chairman of the Scottish ACU Trials Committee on hand and in a supporting role is ACU coach, Richard Allen.

Schreiber told Trials Guru: “The Schreiber Experience is something that I have been thinking about for some time. When I was invited to attend as Guest of Honour and take part in the Highland Classic, I thought it would be a good place to launch my ‘experience’ and dovetail it with my stay in the Scottish highlands over the weekend of 8/9th June. For the trial, Martin Matthews of MotoSWM is supplying me with an SWM to compete and I will use it again as my demo-bike for the experience day. My coaching techniques will be different to my old trials schools as a lot of years have come and gone since then and while the basic techniques have not changed so much as the sport. Today, there are new formulas of coaching and training that make an impactful difference in building all the fundamental riding skills. The consistent routine of these skills is the blueprint to not only improving and enjoying the ride, but finding your real potential. My big deal is you always have to have a plan. Most people have a tip, everybody’s got a tip, but few have a plan. I always say ‘a goal without a plan is nothing but a dream’ so most people dream of riding better Trials, but they don’t have a plan to ride better Trials. So I wanted to help people to build a plan to take them from where they are to where they want to be. That’s what I do with my new Experience.”

Interested parties for the ‘Schreiber Experience’ in Scotland are asked to contact the IDMCC Secretary by e-mail to obtain the necessary application form on



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