Richmond rally round flood victims

Hannah Richards, Reeth 3-day (Sat) 26-07-15

The following announcement was released by the committee of the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd (RMC) today, Wednesday 7th August, 2019.

“As many of you will have seen, our local area was hit by flash flooding last week, resulting in devastating damage to many homes, businesses, vehicles and roads and saw livestock and pets swept away. Fortunately no-one lost their lives, although some had near escapes.
The community is pulling together in a fantastic way and there are many offers of support and assistance.
RMC held a meeting last night to discuss how we could help as a club. We are organising a working party on Saturday, 17th August 2019 to help with the clear up in the Reeth area, clearing stone and debris and putting up walls where possible.
Scott Trial secretary and farmer, Ken Wallis said: “Anybody who can help, please meet in Reeth at the Woodward where the Reeth 3 Day starts from at 9.30am to help with a working party.”
Please wear suitable clothing such as boots and gloves and if you can bring shovels, brushes etc that would be much appreciated. If you can’t help hands on, but can help with refreshments for workers, please let us know.
We have already had enquiries from the trialing fraternity asking if we are collecting donations, so the club is setting up a fund raising page.
The Richmond club itself has also pledged to donate £7,500 into this fund, which will be passed on to community funds/organisations in order to support those most affected and also to the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team, whose rescue services at the height of the floods and ongoing support has proved invaluable to the community.”

This is a very generous effort by the RMC to alleviate the suffering caused by the floods in the Reeth area. It is of course an area where many trials are held annually.

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