Devil’s Staircase feature

Fans and followers of the annual Scottish Six Days Trial will know of the old section called ‘Devil’s Staircase’ at Kinlochmoidart on the shores of Loch Moidart in the Scottish Highlands. It was for many years a spectator heavy section and regarded as a terror section by many competitors.

Devils Staircase - Dennis Bellefield photo
A Devil’s Staircase shot of former AJS factory riders Gordon Jackson, Geoff Ward and Gordon McLaughlan taken by Dennis Belleville of Peebles.

Tern Television has continued their series for BBC ONE Scotland entitled ‘Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs – series 3’ with their presenter Paul Murton and they have filmed at the Devil’s Staircase this year. We will learn a bit about the sections history and the local history of what is known as the ‘Coffin Road’.

Paul Murton - BBC image
Paul Murton is the front man of the series on Scotland’s Lochs – Photo: BBC Scotland

Programme 3 covers from Loch Moidart to Loch Ailort, it is the third in the new series of programmes, which goes out on Monday 16th September, 2019 at 19.30 GMT on the new BBC ONE Scotland channel. It will also be available on BBC iPlayer after the initial transmission.

J N Clarkson 1953 - Matchless  - Devils Staircase - Ray Biddle
 John N. Clarkson from Skirling, Biggar, seen here on his Matchless on Devil’s Staircase in 1953 – Photo: Ray Biddle, Birmingham

The section was first used in 1936 and wasn’t cleaned until three years later. It was used up until the late 1980s and then again once in 2011 for the Centenary SSDT.

Keep an eye out for Trials Guru’s John Moffat in this edition!

Link to BBC website: HERE

BBC iplayer: HERE

Tern TV - September 2019


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